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时态:一般过去时。 过去时间(仅供参考):

Three days ago 三天以前,the day before yesterday 前天,yesterday昨天,this morning今天上午,before lunch 午饭之前, after lunch 午饭之后,after dinner 晚饭之后, ten months later十个月之后, last year 去年, just now 刚刚,Sunday afternoon 星期日下午

句型:我们/他们cooked noodles together. 我们/他们一起 煮面条。 I helped……… 我帮助…..(谁谁)…….(干什么事情。)

I played football with…… 我和谁谁谁一起踢足球

My weekend

I had a busy weekend. On Saturday morning, I washed my clothes and went to a park. I did my homework and went fishing on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning, I cleaned my room and visited my grandparents. I played football and watched TV on Sunday afternoon.

What a busy weekend! But I really enjoyed it.


My weekend

Last weekend, I was very tired. On Saturday

morning, I went to a park by bike with my friends. We flew kites and went fishing. In the afternoon, I did my homework and cleaned my home. Then I played sports. In the evening, I cooked the dinner for my family. On Sunday morning, I went shopping with my parents, and then we visited my grandma. We cooked noodles together. We went back home late.

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