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The Man I Admire Most

Times need heroes, and heroes stand out. Franklin Roosevelt is just a hero of the times. Well known for his unprecedented 13 years as the President of U. S. , he is regarded as a savior of America. However, it is not his brilliant achievements that attract me. What I really admire are some qualities shining in his whole life such as fortitude, courage and also his amiability.

His early time was smooth. He was born rich and had a happy marriage. After graduating from Harvard, he served in the Navy. At that time, he had already shown his remarkable leadership and since his uncle was a President, he would surely enter the political arena. But everything changed when he was 39. He was attacked by polio after swimming, which caused the life long deformity in his legs. It was extremely hard for this ambitious man to face the misfortune. He was, of course, in a bad mood and wanted to give up all his dreams at first. Then, after careful thinking, he finally decided to bestir himself. He was not a man easy to surrender. Again he took part in political activities and, at the same time, practiced standing up and then walking with a stick. Eventually this brave man won the battle against fate. He became the only disabled President in American history and unprecedentedly served four terms. All should be attributed to his fortitude.

"The only thing we fear is fear itself." This famous saying now has spread all over the world and encouraged lots of people. Roosevelt first said it, and as a great leader, he made all his people believe it. He formulated new policies to help his nation out of the Depression. He declared war against Fascists though most of the Congressmen opposed him at that time. All proved that he was right for his courage was not rash but based on careful thinking. "A leader is one who dares to dream, and then, dares to achieve."

He was great, but not great in appearance. He looked like a kind grandpa at the first sight. He always smiled sincerely when speaking and listening. These didn't lower his prestige but made him amiable and welcome.

He is surely not a perfect man no one can be perfect. Every age has its hero in the forefront, just like Franklin Roosevelt a man I admire.

My Parents

If I am asked who I will thank for all my life, the answer will definitely be my parents. When I was in my tough time and got perplexed, my parents were always supporting me with heart and soul. Great virtues I have got from the family will benefit my whole life.

Being honest is one thing I’ve learned in the family since elementary school days. My parents taught me not only to be a honest person, but also to be an intellectual and good educated person. My father is an engineer with a master degree and my mother is a doctor. They are all well educated. When I was young and encountered some difficulties, I turned to my parents and could always get a satisfactory answer. Hence, my parents became my idols. My father once told me: “A man without knowledge will be eliminated by this society. If he wants to be a successful man, he has to be well educated.” So from the first day I entered the school, I did very hard in my subjects and always got a high score in the class.

Most important, my parents have influenced me the way I treat the old. My parents set up a good example of showing respect for the old. My grandmother was sick as a result of a heart disease. She couldn’t take care of herself of her own. She had to have assistance in having a meal, going to the hospital. My aunt once suggested we send grandma to a nursing home. Even my grandma herself insisted she go to a nursing home. But my father objected to the suggestion. He always thought it was his responsibility to take good care of his mother. He just couldn’t set his heart at ease by sending grandma to the nursing home. Because of my grandma’s heart disease, father bought the best and most expensive medicine. I was touched by the act of my father. Seeing what my parents have done to the old, I learned to show respect for the old people which is inherited from my parents.

What the parents do can influence their children. I have learned many virtues from my parents. They teach me how to be a true man in this society. With all these virtues, I have overcome many obstacles and got along with the people around me. I think all these will benefit the rest of my life.

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