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As we all known, on a team morale is quite important to staff’s productivety and orgainizational success. Then I will list three tips for boosting employee morale.

First, recognize special events in the lives of the employees. Birthdays, weddings, births, the accomplishments of employee children—if the team have a reason to celebrate, do it!

Second, recognize and reward the employees for doing good work. "People want to feel valued," a successful CEO once explained. Tell the employees they are doing a good job verbally, or write a little note to let them know it.

Last but not the least, smile more. The social environment at work is a big contributor to burnout. The lead's demeanor can directly affect the staff, as workers read the mood of the boss for clues about performance and job security. So, smile more often, talk about fun things like hobbies with employees, or crack a joke—just make sure it's done in good taste.

These steps may help to boost morale, encourage team building and even stave off job burnout.

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