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小学英语必备词汇 Unit 1 ruler pencil orange OK mum eraser crayon bag pen pencil book

no your Unit 2 red green yellow blue black brown white

box Unit 3 face ear eye nose mouth arm hand head body leg foot school Unit 4 duck pig

cat bear dog elephant monkey bird tiger panda zoo funny Unit 5 bread juice egg milk water cake fish rice Unit 6

one two three four five six seven eight nine ten brother plate Unit 7 UK Canada USA China she student pupil he

teacher boy and girl new friend today Unit 8 father dad man woman mother sister brother grandmother grandma grandfather grandpa family

Unit 9 thin fat tall short long small big giraffe so children tail Unit 10 on in under chair desk cap ball car

boat map toy box Unit 11 pear apple orange banana watermelon strawberry grape buy fruit Unit 12 eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen

sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty kite beautiful Unit 13 alive All right . a.m. another around back banana basketball bat bath beautiful because bedroom

better bingo birthday cake China class classroom bite blouse boat bookstore bread breakfast bull buy cake camp

Can I help Can you about... ? Canada car carrot catch chew chicken

you ?

say something clean climb up close cloudy coat coffee Coke cold cool cow crayon

cycle dance day dislike

do my homework doll dollar downstairs

dress duck easy eat eighty Excuse me expensive everywhere far away farm fast feel fifty fight finger flower food football forty forward France French fries

Friday fruit funny gently get......from get up gift glue go away go back go camping go home go out go to bed goat Good idea . grape grass gray ground hamburger hat

have a look have breakfast have supper have tea hen holiday home homework horse hot

How about you ? How is the weather ? How much is it ? hundred hungry hurray hurry ice cream idea

I'm from...... I'm home . It's time to......

jacket Japan jet juice kid knife lap late laugh leaf less

Let's buy...... library lighter like lion list magic make a list mall mango map

May Day May I have......? May I use your....? meal medicine milk

mobile phone model Monday Monkey King more move nap need net ninety noodle not notebook Of course . old once

only orange our outer park party pat photo pineapple ping-pong plane plant play

play basketball play football play ping-pong plum p.m. price put on quack rabbit

rain rainy

reading room so sofa soil report rice root row run same Saturday scarf See you seed seventy shirt shop sister sixty skate skip skirt sleep

. some something sour space start stem stream study summer Summer Camp sun Sunday sunflower sunny supermarket supper sure sweater sweet

swim take

take a bath take a photo tea

Teacher's Day tent thank their then thirsty thirty Thursday tie tiger today tomorrow torch T-shirt Tuesday turn around turnip

TV set UK USA van watch water watermelon we weather weatherman Wednesday week wet

What about......?

What are we going buy?

What are you doing ? What can you do ? What can you see ? What day is it today ? What do we need ? What time is it ?


Where are you from ? baker which will window windy wolf would

Would you wow yuan yummy zebra Unit 14 accident act ad always armchair art art room bake

like ....? bamboo bank baseball bat basketball bat bathroom

be late for school bed bedroom beef big wheel black boy boarding school boil boiled egg boiled potato bookstore bridge bring brush

brush one's teeth

building bumper car bus driver by bike by bus by car by taxi by train cabbage cage card game carrot cauliflower

change one's clothes Children 's Day Chinese paper-cuts Chinese writing chopsticks Christmas card Christmas Day Christmas Eve Christmas gift

Christmas tree city

class timetable cleaner close by company computer computer room Computer Studies cook cooking cucumber cupboard curly hair cut decorate dining room dining table dinner time dish

do one's homework doctor

doll drawing dumpling Excuse me . exercise factory famous dish famous lake famous mountain famous park famous place famous square famous temple farmhouse find out fire fireman flat fold

food company football for sale

free time fridge

fried beancurd garden get go straight go to bed early good-looking Grade 5 Great ! guessing game gym halt

Happy New Year ! have one's breakfast headmaster help

Home Science homework time hospital hotel house

How do you.......? How nice ! I think so , too . I'm sorry . ice-cream company inside interesting IT It's cool ! kitchen

listen to the teacher class look good lose lost lovely lunch time make

make one's bed make up map march

maths meat menu

Merry Christmas ! merry-go-round milk company mime mobile phone moon mop

in music music room must mutton name card naughty face need

New Year card New Year's Eve newspaper company nice

Nice to meet you .

noodle shop not far away notice board nurse


ping-pong bat playground

play on the road obey the rules office often Oh , dear ! on foot on weekends outer space over there page painting paper paper flower paper-cuts paste PE penfriend people

personal information

play sports playing cards policeman pork postman potato pretty project put on

put on one's put on one's rectangle ride

roast chicken roast duck rocket role-play roller coaster

clothes shoes

round salad salad cream sale Santa Claus save school bus school library school rules science science lab scientist Shh ! shopping list shout in the library sign sitting room smell smiling face Social Studies sofa sometimes


spit on the floor spoon

Spring Festival square star

straight hair study time survey survey form symbol take notes take photos taxi driver teacups team teddy bear telephone company tent theme park

throw rubbish in the tick


tidy up time chart timetable tomato tomorrow tour brochure tour guide try turn left turn right TV show TV reporter TV time TV tower Uniform usually vegetable visitor walk wash

wash one's face web page

weekday weekend welcome What about....? Where's ......? which wonderful worker Wow ! Yours truly Yummy ! Unit 15 a long while ache actor actress afraid airport angry ant april


arts and crafts arts and handicrafts ask directions August aunt Australia autumn be careful be interested in bee beside bigger biggest birthday party blow boiled brave man bread shop bronze brother buckle

butterfly cake shop calf call careful catch CD/VCD celebrate chick

Children 's Day Chinese food church cinema clever climb clothes shop cloud cold dish colourful festivals comb compare Confucius

cough country cousin crab crow cry cycle dangerous December diary die different direction display board dive

Do you agree ? dolphin

Don't get hurt . downstairs dragon

Dragon Boat Festival dragonfly

drum dry duckling east

eating out England enjoy doing exam excited Excuse me . family tree fan dance farewell party fast food

fast-food restaurant favourite February feed fever field trip fifteenth fill in

finger fireworks

Fireworks Festival first first choice flew flip-flop flow flower

flower-drum dance forget game game-boy get-well card get well soon give directions gold Goody ! Grade 6 great wall grow Halloween

handbag happy headache hero history hit holiday honey hop

How exciting !

How much are hurt ill

in my heart internet interview invitation card invite

It's that way . January jelly juice


July June

junior middle school keep in touch kind man kitten knee

Ladies and gentlemen lamb laugh leader learnt lightning long ago loud March May maybe medal medicine

Mid-autumn Festival minority nationality

miss month moon cake moth movie neck nest

never forget New Zealand newspaper newsletter next next to nightdress noodle shop north November ocean October Olympics pancake parents

pass pearl tower performance piano postcard practise prefer prepare

primary school Principal's Office province puppy quick race rain clouds raincoat remember report card restaurant results Right ? roller skating


round dumpling row a boat sad sandal

Science Museum scientist seal season seasonal seasonal cycle second second choice second floor September sharing shark shoe shop shopping list shoulder shrimp sick


silk-ribbon dance silk scarf/scarves silkworm silver Singapore singer sister skateboarding sky sleepy smaller smallest smart smile snail snake snowy So long ! soldier soup south

sport spray spring springtime sprout stage stair stamp step stomachache storm strong study hard study timetable summer sweet table tennis Take care ! tallest taste

Teachers' s Room telephone number

tennis tenth terrible

"Thank you " card Thanksgiving Day thinking game third

This is fun . thread thunder tired tofu jelly toothache top toy shop Tree-planting Day triangle

triangle dumpling trumpet umbrella uncle

under a tree

upstairs useful violin volleyball washroom watch TV water cycle weather weather chart west

Western food wet whale

What do you What else ? wheel whisper whistle window winter wise man

prefer ?

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