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Self introduction

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Self introduction

My name is Deng Junjie, is the King Ming Jiayuan primary school six (3) class squadron recreation committee. I character cheerful, lively, healthy, love of learning, versatile, humorous!

From the kindergarten, I was a sensible obedient child, never worry about the teacher. I remember the first time to kindergarten, the other students are crying, but I never shed a tear. I have a very strong independence, mom and dad are not at home, I do not cry no trouble, just watch TV, also don't get out of the house.

In primary school, I in school when several times weekly star and two flag in hand, I also learned English, calligraphy, dancing, basketball...... My

calligraphy class in all the world knows. That is, every time the teacher will take office task to me, so all the students give me a title "future calligrapher" I heard a heart full of pride and happiness. I speak English very fluently, in the third grade English teacher gave my comments, the teacher said I read English so fluently as foreigners, let me make persistent efforts!!

I was in the school morning news reporter, so I feel very proud, I will be elected, I will not be those uncles and aunts to live up to the teachers and the morning paper reporter group, I want to show how good I am, let people sit up and take notice of me.

My basketball skills are first-class, once the coach said I was a school basketball material, can come on time every day, unlike most of the other students as lazy, day in and day out, the past two years the coach saw my basketball skill is very good, so the coach sent me the letter game, but as my hand desquamate serious allergy, so miss this golden opportunity, but I am not discouraged, nor discouraged, as long as I have the exercises is more!! My ideal is to join NBA to win glory for the motherland like Yao Ming, made outstanding achievements!!

I was a drum corps bugler, on the battlefield is a striker, I will lead the team to beat all the difficulties, to greet the dawn of victory, will fail down, don't let them stop us.

Don't look at me to learn many things, think I delay of learning, want to know my grades are good! I have been awarded the "school learning star", "Art Star", "five-star student", "excellent learning habits"! I was our class basketball master! In class I labor is the most active: carry lunch, don't worry about the teacher sent lunch box.

My popularity is also very good, good to start on the first grade is not how good, where I am, where students as the center, to accompany me to say "good words"! Since this semester, our school has carried out to become "four good young", for a 'four good young' medal "activities, I hope I can wear the medal of honor, I remind myself constantly, constantly correct, to progress, now I have got rid of many bad habit! Thank the group provincial Party committee to carry out such activities, let me have the goal and direction, give me the power of

progress, now I break the students happy and fun, I listen to the teacher

carefully, to actively raise their hands to speak, answer questions loudly, write beautifully, the teacher all kua i!

I am a very caring child. Every time mom and dad went out, encountered some poor man: blind, disabled, singing in the underground man, I have to ask Mom and dad for money to them. My home is in the excavated near their homes, day after all there, to see so many people without work, sleep on the roadside, feel that they are poor. My mother told me, they have little time to learn without learning, some do not have the ability to learn the skills, some of their own delay own...... But they come out with their own labor to feed himself worthy of respect. Then I aspired to be a leader of the country, so that everyone can get rich!!

My ideal is good, meaningful, I will try my best, refuels!!!

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