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五年级上Module1-Module3测试 姓名______ 分数______

一、英汉词组连线。(10分) 二、选词填空。(10分)

1.last Sunday A.长城 1.She lives__Shanghai. A.with

2.live in B.在周末 2.His father came__England. B.to

3.wait for C.住在 3.Their house is__the cinema. C.did

4.make a list D.等待 4.She liked the bus ride__. D.or

5.half a kilo E.半小时 5.Come__us. E.for

6.half an hour F.半公斤6.Can you read the shopping list__me? F.best

7.at the weekend G.照一张...照片7.He went there__plane G.near

8.lots of places H.列清单 8.Here’s a bag__you. H.from

9.take a photo of I.上周日 9.A bottle__two? I.in

10.the Great Wall J.许多地方 10.When__you come back? J.by


1.Amy__ to school by bus yesterday. A.go B.goes C.went

2.They took photos__the mountains. A.of B.for C.in

3.He walked for__. A.half an hour B.half a hour C.an hour half

4.What did you do__the weekend? A.in B.for C.at

5.Let’s__some apples for the picnic. A.buying B.buy C.to buy

6.I want__noodles. A.one kilo B.one C.one kilo of

7.Do you like__? A.banana B.bananas C.bananaes

8.Sam and Amy__pears. A.like B.likes C.to like

9.Here__your milk. A.is B./ C.are

10.Did you go__home by bike yesterday? A.to B. / C.to the

11.We need food__our picnic. A.on B.in C.for

12.__apples do you want? A.How much B.How many C.How

13.__tea does Daming want? A.How much B.How many C.How

14.You__your ice cream. A.drops B.dropped C.dropping

15.There__their bus. A.be B.is C.are

16.Look at the people__the lake. A.in B.on C.at

17.Sam and Amy came back__. A.tomorrow B.yesterday C.next week

18.__did she come back? A.What B.Was C.When

19.Where did you__? A.go B.goes C.went

20.What’s__London Eye? A.a B./ C.the


1.Where did you go last Sunday? A.My uncle went to England.

2. What did you do at the weekend? B. We visited lots of places.

3.Who went to England? C.They played football with their friends.

4.When did she go? D.She went by plane.

5.What did they do? E.It’s a big wheel.

6.Did your brother like it? F.We went to the British Museum.

7.What’s the London Eye? G.I’m fine. Thanks.

8.How are you? H.Yes. How much do we need?

9.How did she go there? I.Last Saturday.

10.What about juice? J.No, he didn’t.

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