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Many people like to watch TV. Watching TV is one of the most important activities(huo dong) of the day. TV brings the outside closer to people’s homes. Some people say the world is smaller than before because of TV.

What’s going on in the other countries? How do people live places far away?

Is there a good sports game somewhere(某地方)? What’s life in the deepest part of the sea? If you want to answer these and other kinds of questions, just turn on the TV. Turn it on and watch. You can see a lot and learn a lot. Of course, people can also learn through reading or listening to the radio. But with TV they can learn better and more easily. Why? Because they can hear and watch, too.

TV helps to open our eyes. TV also helps to open our minds. TV often gives us mew ideas. We learn newer and better ways of doing something.

1. Some people say the world is smaller than before because__________.

A. TV makes the earth smaller and smaller B. all people like to watch TV

C. watching TV is one of the most important activities of the day D. TV brings the outside world closer to people

2. We can _____________ when we watch TV.

A. go to live in the other countries B. answer TV many questions C. get a lot of information (信息) D. ask TV some questions

3. People learn better through TV than through radio because________.

A. TV sets are bigger than radios

B. people can not only hear but also watch C. without TV people can’t open their eyes

D. it’s easier to turn on TV than to turn on the radio

4. The sentence “TV also helps to open our minds” means:___________.

A. our minds can only be opened by TV B. something is wrong with our minds

C. it can help us to increase our knowledge (增长知识) D. TV is new to us

5. This article (文章) has told us ____________________.

A. it’s good to watch TV B. not to watch TV any more

C. students shouldn’t watch TV at any time D. to stop reading to watch TV


On Christmas Eve ----- the night before Christmas Day children are very happy. They put their stockings at the end of their beds before they go to bed. They want Father Christmas to give them some presents.

Mr Green tells his children that Father Christmas is a very kind man. He comes on Christmas Eve. He lands on top of each house and comes down the chimney into the fireplace and brings them a lot of present.

Christmas Day always begins before breakfast. The children wake up very early. They can’t wait to open the presents in their stockings. Then they wake up their parents and call: Merry Christmas!’

Do you know what Christmas means? Christmas Day is the birthday of Jesus Christ. When Christ was born, many people gave him presents. So today, people still do the same thing to each other.

( )1. Christmas Eve is _____.

A the night before December 24 B the night after December 25

C.the night of December 25 D the night of December 24

( )2. Father Christmas often puts the presents_____.

A into children’s hats B into children’s stockings

C under children’s beds D into children’s shoes

( )3. Father Christmas comes into the house through the___.

A window B front door C chimney D back door

( )4. On the morning of Christmas Day, children wake up their parents very early and say____.

A Good morning! B Happy New Year!

C Best wishes for you! D Merry Christmas!

( )5. On Christmas Day, people often ____to each other.

A give money B ask for money

C ask for presents D give presents

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