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平安夜(Christmas Eve )
? 由于圣经记载耶稣

生于夜间,故传统 称12月24日夜为"圣 诞夜"或"平安夜"。 ? According to the Bible , Jesus was born at the middle night, therefore the night in December 24th “Christmas Eve ”

圣诞老人(Father Christmas )
? Father Christmas is

an imaginary figure, but nearly all young children believe in him. They think he is a happy old man with a long white beard and a long red robe.
? 圣诞老人(Santa Claus):

和蔼可亲慷慨济贫,身 穿红外衣的白胡子、白 眉毛老人。

圣诞歌曲( Christmas songs)
Jingle Bells

圣诞祝福( Christmas Wishes)
? Merry Christmas !
? 圣诞快乐! ? Hope all your Christmas dreams come

true! ? 愿你所有的圣诞梦想都成真! ? May you have the best Christmas ever. ? 愿你度过最美好的圣诞节!


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