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单 词 复 习

strict young

smart active

strong kind

old thin

1.根据五上P8 Let’s try 的图片,介绍 (左边图片)你的数学老师Mr Carter(右 边图片)是你的语文老师Mr Black, 描述一下两位老师的样子/性格/比较 一下身高和体重。

Mr Carter is my math teacher. He is tall and thin. He is very funny. Mr Black is my Chinese teacher. He is short and strong. He is very kind. Mr Carter is taller than Mr Black. But Mr Black is stronger than Mr Carter.

read books

watch TV

do homework

2.根据五上P19Let’s learn 图片,假 设你是Zhang Peng介绍你周末经 常做的事情,心情如何?
Saturday morning

Saturday afternoon

I am Zhang Peng. I often do homework on Saturday morning. I often read books on Saturday afternoon. I watch TV on Sunday. I am very happy. What do you do on your weekend?

cook the meals sweep the floor clean the bedroom

water the flowers

empty the trash


learn 图片, 假设你是Sarah,介绍一下你会做 的事情。 can 会

I am Sarah. I can sweep the floor. I can cook the meals. I can clean the bedroom. I can water the flowers. I can empty the trash. I am helpful. What can you do?

wash the clothes

make the bed set the table

do the dishes

put away the clothes

4.根据五上P49Let’s learn 图片,介绍 你的朋友Amy会做的事情。 can 会

Amy is my friend. She can wash the clothes. She can set the table. She can make the bed. She can do the dishes. She can put away the clothes. She is helpful.

closet trash bin mirror



walkman end table cup chair shelf book bed


learn 图片,介 绍一下你的房间里有什么物体?

There be 结构

Look at the picture. This is my room. There is an air-conditioner There is a closet and a bed. There are two end tables. There is a trash bin and a mirror. There are two curtains. I like my room.

in on

behind over

in front of


learn 图片,介绍 一下你的房间里的物品的位置。

This is my room. The picture is over the bed. The lamp is on the table. The pencil-case is on the table,too. The end table is near the bed. The trash bin is near the table. The air-conditioner is over the closet. I like my room.

cloud grass flower

lake forest

path mountain

7.根据五上P72 Read and write图片, 介绍一下图片中的男孩是谁?心情如 何?描述一下自然公园里有什么景物?

Look at the picture. He is Wu Yifan. He is very happy. There is a lake in the nature park. There are many mountains. There are many trees, too. The flowers are very beautiful.



village bridge road tree
house water cloud air

fresh blue white run

sky grass clean

8.根据五上P75 Read and write图 片,介绍一下你的乡村。

Look at the picture. This is my village. There are

many rivers in the village. There are some trees, too. The water is clean. The air is fresh. I like my village.

8.根据五上P75 Read and write图 片,介绍一下你的乡村。

Look at the picture. This is my village. There are many mountains near my village. There are many trees, too. The sky is blue. The clouds are white. I like my village.


Look at the picture. This is my city. There are tall buildings in the city. There are many cars. There are many trees, too. I like my city.

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