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6B Module 2 Unit 6

Follow-ups 练练吧

Choose the best answer (选择最佳答案)

( )1. After breakfast, he quickly ____ his coat and went to catch the early bus.

A. wear B. dress in

C. have on D. put on

( )2. Many different kinds of flowers ____ in the garden.

A. plant B. grow

C. feed D. grow up

( )3. My younger brother is ____ taller.

A. going B. coming

C. growing D. turning


Follow-ups 练练吧

Choose the best answer (选择最佳答案)

( )1. Harry has been reading all day — he ____ be tired.

A. have to B. can

C. could D. must

( )2. You ____ see the doctor, Joe. You don’t

look very well.

A. must B. shall

C. may D. can

( )3. — Must I clean the window now?

— No, you ____.

A. mustn’t B. needn’t

C. can’t D. may not

( )4. Jack is ill, so they ____ change their plans.

A. must B. should

C. have to D. can

( )5. — May I go swimming now?

— No, you ____. You must finish your

homework first.

A. mustn’t B. may not

C. couldn’t D. needn’t

( )6. — ____ I finish the work today?

— No, you needn’t.

A. May B. Must

C. Can D. Need

( )7. —Must I do the washing now?

—Yes, you ____. But you can have a rest first.

A. need B. can

C. may D. must

( )8. This book ____ be Lucy’s. Look! Her name is on the cover (封面).

A. can’t B. may

C. must D. mustn’t

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