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一. 单项选择

1.—What are you going to be ? —I’m going to be _______, I practice basketball every day.

A. a basketball player B. a teacher C. a pianist D. a pilot

2. — _______does he want to be when he_______ ? —He wants to be a computer programmer.

A. What, grows up B. How, grows up C. What, grow up D. How, grow up

3. The boy wants to be a(n) ________. He studies math really hard.

A. writer B. cleaner C. engineer D. artist

4.— My New Year’s dream is to travel to Qingdao. — _________ .

A. That sounds great B. Sorry to hear that C. Sure D. I’d love to

5.—Is she going to be _______actor? —Yes. She is taking ________lessons on weekends now.

A. a, actor B. an, actor C. an, acting D. a, action

6. —Where is Linda? — She may be at home. But I’m not sure _____it.

A. at B. about C. with D. in

7. This is an important problem. Please_____ .

A. write it down B. write down it C. write it in D. write in it

8. — ________are you going to visit your uncle? — Next week.

A. Where B. Who C. Why D. When

9. My grandfather _________me a postcard from New York last week.

A. gave B. sent C. passed D. borrowed

10. —What is a resolution?—It’s__________.

A. a promise B. an action C. a message D. a letter

11. ______the beginning of the term, my mother bought me a new schoolbag.

A. With B. On C. At D. By

12.His resolution _______the life in the next year.

A. has to do with B. is good at C. is next to D. cross from

13. You are coughing! You should take some____. A. medicine B. meat C. hamburgers D. juice

14. I want to go to the movie tonight. But my parents don’t agree _______me.

A. with B. on C. at D. in

15. —What’s your ______?— I like swimming. A. hobby B. name C. age D. habit

二. 阅读理解 Young people have many dreams. Here are Lei Ping and her friends’ dreams. Lei Ping is going to be an actor. She likes acting. She thinks the actors are well-known and they can make lots of money. She is going to take acting lessons. Her friend Yong likes writing. He is going to write articles for the magazines when he grows up. He thinks reading more is good for writing. So he often reads books in the library now. The other friend Li is going to be a teacher. She thinks children are lovely and in the long vacation she can do what she wants to do.

( 16.. Lei Ping’s dream is to be a(n) ________ A. actor B. pilot C. bank clerk D. reader

( )17.What does Lei Ping think of the job of actor?

A. The actors are well-know. B. The actors can travel anywhere.

C. She doesn’t like actors. D. She thinks they are tired.

( )18. How is Yong going to achieve his dream?

A. He is doing more exercise every day. B. He is writing articles for the magazines.

C. He is reading books in the library. D. He is taking writing lessons after school.

( )19. Li is Lei Ping’s _______. A. reader B. cousin C. sister D. friend

( )20. These ideas of the young are A. interesting B. not fit them C. not to be true D. wrong

三. 词汇 根据句意和汉语提示写出所缺单词。

21.What’s the _________(关系) between the man and the woman?

22.What we are talking is about __________ (自身提高).

23.The boy is not happy because of the much ________(学校 作业).

24. Don’t open that box. It’s my_______ (个人的) thing.

25.He joined the English club to ________(提高) his English.

26.Li Lei likes delicious food and he wants to be a c _____.

27. Mary is writing an a ______ for a magazine. 28. I’m going to a c _____ after I leave the high school.

29.He cares more about his p______ health. He exercises every morning.

30.There are some f_________ friends visiting our school.

四 用所给词的正确形式填空

31. I am going to ___________ (be) a doctor when I grow up.

32. Jack plays the violin very well. He must be a ________(violin) when he grows up.

33.He goes back home _______(week).

34.What’s the _______ (mean) of what he said?

35. The _______ (begin) of the meeting is a video about animals.

五、完成句子36. 李伟昨天制定了他的新年计划。 Li Wei _________ his New Year’s_______ yesterday.

37. 他打算怎样成为一名职业篮球运动员? _____ is he going to______a basketball player? .

38. 我打算努力学习并取得好成绩。 I am going to study ______ and______good grades.

39.下一年你打算做什么? ______ are you______ to do next year?

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