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( ) 1. _______ you like ice cream? A. Are B. Am C. Does D. Do

( ) 2. _______ play table tennis. A.Let B.Lets C. Let’s D. It’s

( ) 3. _______ does your father have _______ lunch? Chicken and tomatoes

A. What; for B. What ; / C. How; for D. How; /

( ) 4.Oranges are a kind of _______. A. vegetables B. vegetable C. fruits D. fruit

( ) 5. What _______ Tom like _______ for breakfast?

A. does; eat B. is; eat C. does; to eat D. is; to eat

( ) 6—Do you like ice cream for_______ dessert? A. a B. the C. / D. an

( ) 7.—Does your friend like salad?

A. Yes. she like B. No, she does C. Yes, she doesn’t D. No. she doesn’t

( ) 8. I have a cat .It likes fish. It eats _______every day.

A. a lot B. many C. Lots of D. much

( )9. –Does your English teacher sing very_______? –Yes ,she does.

A. good B. nice C. great D. well

( )10. –Let’s _______baseball. --OK. Let’s_______.

A. play; go B. plays; go C. play; to go D. play; goes

二.英汉互译 (5分)

1. 吃晚饭__________ 2. 每天 ____________ 3 a list of food __________

4.a running star__________________ 5. healthy food __________________

三.用所给词的正确形式填空 (5分)

1.—Do you like bananas? ---No, I don’t like_______ (it) at all.

2. Peter likes_______ (play) basketball.

3. His mother_______(not) like French fries.

4. I like strawberry ice cream, but I don’t like_______ ( strawberry)

5. They like _______ (eat) hamburgers and carrots for lunch.

四.按要求改写句子 (10分)

1. Linda and Tom like French fries. (否定句) They _______ _______French fries.

2. Does Tom like eggs for breakfast? (否定回答) _______, _______ _______.

3. She doesn’t have lunch. (变肯定句) She _______ lunch.

4. My teacher plays basketball. (改一般疑问句) _______ your teacher _______ basketball?

5. We play volleyball. (变成由Let开头的祈使句) _______ _______volleyball.

五. 阅读理解 (10分)

Tom: Good evening, Mum.

Mum: Good evening, Tom.

Tom: Do we eat chicken for dinner, Mum?

Mum: No, we eat fish and carrots, dear.

Tom: Mum, I don’t like carrots. I like chicken.

Mum: But we need more vegetables, not only meat. It’s not health to eat chicken every day. Tom: OK. But dad likes chicken, too.

Mum: Well, let’s eat chicken and broccoli tomorrow. (明天)

Tom: That sounds great!

( )1. What do they eat for dinner?

A. Chicken B. Carrots C. Carrots and fish

( )2. What does Tom want to eat for dinner?

A. fish B. chicken C. broccoli

( )3. What do they need to eat more?

A. chicken B. meat C. vegetables

( ) 4. Does Tom’s father like chicken?

A. No, he doesn’t B. Yes, he does C. We don’t know

( ) 5. What will they eat tomorrow?

A. fish and carrots B. chicken and fish C. broccoli and chicken

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