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( )1.What about _______ to the cinema on Sunday?

A. go B. to go C. going D. will go

( )2. There are many new words on the blackboard; please _______.

A. write down them B. write down it C. write them down

D.write it down

( )3. Why not _______ your teacher for help when you can’t finish ________ it?

A. ask; write B.to ask; writing C. ask; writing C.to ask; to write

( )4.There is _______ in today’s newspaper.

A. something new B. anything new C.new something D. new anything

( )5. –Did you stay in this school for several days?

–Yes, I think I’ll be here for _______ days.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( )6. Jim is _______ playing volleyball but I do ________ playing basketball..

A. good in; well at B. well in; good at C. well at; good in D.good at; well in

( )7. He has two brothers. _______ is a teacher, and _________ is a soldier.

A.One; another B. One; the other C. One, other D. Another, the other

( )8. My brother wants ______around the world because he enjoys _______ new places.

A. traveling; seeing B. to travel; to see C.to travel; seeing

D. traveling; to see

( )9. It’s best _______ come to Beijing in spring.

A. at B. in C. for D.to


( )10...What a nice sweater!

...Thank you. It _____ my mother 40 days to make it.

A. paid B. spent C. took D. cost

( )11. I have many pen friends, but _____ of them are foreigners.

A. no one B. none C. nobody D. one

( )12. — _____ do you go for a picnic?— Once a month.

A. How long B. How many times C. How often D.How many time

( )13. — _____ will you stay in America?—About two months.

A. How many B. How often C. How long D. How

( )14. She’s good at _____.

A. read B. reading C. to read

D. reads

( )15. —I’m going to Hawaii with my aunt this month for my holiday.—_____!

A. Have a good time B. Best wishes to them C. Thank you very much D. It’s OK



Once there was an old farmer, with a horse which was almost as old as himself. He set out one morning with his son to sell the horse before it died. Father and son walked, because the farmer did not want the horse to be too tired. They met two men on the road who said, "Why are you walking, farmer? You 2

have a horse, It's a long way to market(市场). " The farmer know that this was true, so he rode on the horse, while his son walked. Then they met two old women, "What are you doing up there, farmer? Can't you see how tired the boy is?" So the farmer got down, and his son rode instead.

Next, three old men stopped them, one said, "Why are you walking, farmer? Get up, It's too hot for an old man like you to walk today," So the farmer got up behind his son, and they rode on. Some time later, a young woman passed them, "Why aren't you walking?" she asked, "It isn't far to the market. Give your poor horse a rest." So the farmer, and his son, got down once again. It is a fact that you cannot please all the people all the time.

16、The farmer wanted to sell the horse ____.

A. before it was dead

B. before it become too tired

C. before it market was over

D. before it was as old as he was

17. The two men on the road ____.

A. asked how far it was to the market

B. said they thought the horse looked very tired

C. asked why the farmer was not riding on his horse

D. told the farmer's son to get off the horse and walk

18. The two old women said it was wrong for ____.

A. the farmer to ride such a tired horse

B. the farmer to ride while his young son walked


C. the boy to ride instead of his father

D. only one person to ride such a long way

19. The farmer got up behind his son because ____.

A. One of the old man said it was too hot for him to walk

B. the three old men stopped them on the road

C. he did not know why he was walking

D. his son could not ride the horse by himself

20. The young woman was most sorry ____.

A. for the old man B. for the farmer's young son

C. that it was not far to the market D. for the horse


My name is Li Lei .I have a good friend at school .She is an English girl .Her name is Tina .She is twelve .We are in No.14. We are not in the same class .She is in Class 4,Grade 1. I’m in Class Three .Tina’s brother is not a student .His name is Jim .He is two .He is a nice boy .

( )21.Tina is .

A .American B .Chinese C .English D .Japanese . ( )22.Tina is in Middle School .

A .No. 8 B .No .5 C .No. 14 D .No.4

( )23.Tina is in Class ,Grade .

A .4 , 2 B . 4 , 1 C . 2 , 1 D . 2 , 2 4

( )24.Tina’s brother is .

A . 4 B . 5 C . 2 D . 3

( )25.Tina’s brother’s name is .

A . Jim B . Tom C .Tim D .Li Lei


Li Ming is a school boy .He is twelve .He lives in Shanghai .He studies in the No.3 Middle School .He gets up at half past five every day .He reads English and Chinese in the morning .He has breakfast at seven .After that ,he goes to school with his friends .They have four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon .In the evening he does his homework at home .But he often watches TV on Saturday evening .Li Ming likes drawing .He draws better than his sister .He likes reading English books .Now he is reading an English book in the room . ( )26.Li Ming is a .

A .student B .girl C .teacher D .doctor ( )27.Li Ming gets up every day .

A .at seven B .at five thirty

C .at six D .very late

( )28.Li Ming does his homework .

A .in the evening B .at school

C .at home D .in the afternoon .


( )29.Li Ming likes .

A .English and Chinese B .playing football

C .growing flowers D .drawing and reading

( )30.Li Ming has classes at school every day .

A .four B .five C .three D .six



A: Hello! May I speak to Bill?

B: Speaking!

A: Hi, Bill! This is Jane speaking. B: Hello! 31

A: I called you yesterday, but nobody answered the telephone. 32 

B: I went to the World on Water (水上世界) with my parents.A: Really? 33 .

B: It was great. We saw the dolphin show (海豚表演). It was very wonderful.


A: That sounds interesting. B: 34 . A: Oh, the day after tomorrow will be my birthday. 35  B: Yes, I'd love to. Thanks a lot.

A: You're welcome.

31.________ 32.________33. ________34. ________35. ________



When Mary Smith was a student, she w__1__ to be a teacher many years ago, because she loved children. When she was 22 years old, she began to t__2__ in a small school. She was a good t__3__. The children liked to c__4__ to her class. One day one of the girls in her class s__5__ to her, “Miss Smith, why does a man’s hair become w__6__ before his beard?” Mary laughed and a__7__, “I don’t know, but it happened(发生) to my father.” The o__8__ children laughed when they heard this.

Then one of the boys said, “I know, Miss Smith! Men’s hair becomes white b__9__ it’s sixteen y__10__ older than their beard(胡须)!”


I think most of you know a singing group called S.H.E. . It’s from Taiwan, China. There are three lovely girls in it. They are Selina. Hebe and Ella . They are very popular.

Lots of girls like Selina because she is very beautiful. She has long, straight hair. She is medium height and thin. Ella is really cool . She looks like a boy. She is medium height and a little bit heavy. She always has short and straight hair and wears a jacket and pants. Many fans think she sings very well. Hebe is a nice girl. She isn’t tall and she is medium build. She has long, straight hair. She wears a cute hat(帽子) sometimes.

Selinais very 1____________. She has long, straight hair. She is 2___________ height and 3______________


Ella is really 4_____________ . She looks like 5____________ . She is medium height and a little bit 6________.And she has 7______________________________ hair and wears a jacket and pants.

Hebe is a nice girl. She isn’t 8________and she is 9_________build. She has 10____________________________hair


Yesterday Tom had no work to do after lunch. So his father asked him ___1___(go) to the bookstore to buy a few books. He __2___(hurry)to the bus stop and arrived there at three. he saw a little dog crossing the street. There _3____( be)so many cars. It was dangerous “Poor dog!” he cried .But suddenly it ___4___(stand) up and went away.

He was very glad __5__(find) it was safe.





姓名 班级 学号


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 四、任务型阅读10分

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 _______________________8 9 10 ____________ 五、动词适当形式5分

1 2 3 4 5__________________






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