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Hello! My name is x x. I’m a student. My birthday is January eighth. I’m 13 years ld. I have short ,straight and black hair. I have big and black eyes.I’m 1.5 metres tall.I’m wearing sweater , jeans and shoes. I live in a house. My address is 100 Nineth Street. I go to school on foot . I like red.I like jeans.I like apple,I like fish and donut. I like summer. I can swim in the ocean.I like to play basketball best.

My Good Friend

My good friend is Wu Qiangqian. She has short,straight and black hair. Her eyes are big. Sometimes she wears glasses. She is twelve years old. She is 1.5 metres tall. She usually wears a green and purple blouse and blue pants. Her favourite colour is blue. Her favourite food is rice she likes to play ping-pong. I like to play ping-pong.too.This is my friend.

My Aunt

This is my anut. She is 36 years old.She is younger than my mother. She is 1.7 metres tall. She is shorter than my father. She has long,black and straight hair. She has black eyes.She wears glasses. She is a teacher. She goes to school by bicycle.She likes to play ping-pong.She likes red. She is beautiful.I love my aunt.


Canada is green country on the map. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. Danny and tenny live in Canada. They speak English and French.The U.S.

is south of Canada. Canada’s flag is red and white. It has a leaf. Niagara Falls and Rocky Mountain in Canada.

The U.S

The U.S. is purple country on a map. Washington D.C.is the capital city of the U.S. They speak English.China is weat of the U.S. Canada is north of the U.S. The flag of the U.S.has stars and stripes. It’s red,white and blue. The president lives in the White House.Statue of Liberty in New York.

The U.K.

The U.K. is blue country on a map. London is the capital of the U.K. They speak English.The U.K. is west and a little north of China. The U.K.’s flag is red,white and blue. The kings and queens live in Buckingham Palace in London.


Australia is yellow country on a map. Canberra is the capital of Australia. They speak English. Australia’s flag is red,white and blue. It has white starts and a little flag. It’s the U.K.’s flag. Kangaroos live in Australia. It has beautiful beaches.

A plan of trip

Beijing is a big city. I wangt to go on a trip to Beijing with my father and mother. Beijing is far from here.We go to Beijing by train. We need three tickets from my city to Beijing. I need some clothes. We leave my city

and arrive in Beijing on Monday. On Tuesday,we go to the store to buy something.T On Friday,we will leave Beijing and arrive my city. I love my trip. Do you like to go on a trip?

My Room

We have a new house. There are three bedrooms,a kitchen,a bathroom and a living room, I have my room now. It is small and nice. There is a bed, a small but soft. The picture is on the wall. It is a picture of my family. Some books are on the desk. I like to read books. I love my new room very much. It is very pretty.

My Bedroom

This is my bedroom in my house. My bedroom is beautiful .There is a bed, a closet, a dresser, a desk and a lamp in it. My bed is big and yellow. I always sleep on it. The closet is near the bed. My closet is blue. There are many clothes in it. Look! This is my dresser. My dresser is white. It is clean. My lamp is on the dresser. It is green. There is a computer. It is on my desk. I like my bedroom.

The living room

This is a living room. Open the door. Look at the left. There is a new couch in front of the wall.There is a picture above the couch. There is a lamp on the desk. There are many flowers on the table. The flowers are green. Look at the right. There is a closet in the living room. There is a big TV on the closet. I love this living room.


This is a kitchen. There is a stove. I can cook on the stove .There is a refrigerator. It is cold inside. I can put something in it. They are nice. There is a sink. I can wash dishes. There are many dishes on the table. There are many chairs under the table. We can make and eat

breakfast,lunch and supper in the kitchen.


This is a bathroom. There is a bathtub. I can take a bath in it. There is a shower. I can take a shower. There is a sink. I can wash my hands and face. There is a toilet in the bathroom.

My favourite season(spring)

I like spring. Spring is the first season. Spring is warm and windy. Spring is green. The grass is green. I can lie on the grass and look at the clouds. I can fly a kite in the wind. There is rain in spring. I like to spalash in the rain. I take off winter clothes and put on my jacket and pants. My favourite season is spring .Do you like it.

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