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This report aims at showing the changes about customer satisfaction and booking sources of the Airline company in year of 2005 and 2013.

The first set of pie chart reveals that the total percent of customer satisfaction accounts for 80% in 2013, which is 10% higher than that of 2005, and the customer dissatisfaction reduces to 20% in 2013, which is 10% less than that of 2005.

The second set of pie chart displays that 50% people choose to place order by telphone in 2005, however, the mojority of people(65%) changes to online booking in 2013.

In conclusion, when online booking becomes the main booking source, the overall trend for customer satisfaction of the Airline company improves well. Nevertheless, one thing should not be neglected is that the percent of “very satisfied” declines 30%. The Airline company need more self-enhancement and supply more real satisfied service for customers.


Proposal For Overseas Expansion

1. Purpose

The aim of this proposal is to supply some effective recommendations for expanding into a new overseas market. Training programme is the main driver at the moment firstly.

2. Who should be trained

In order to carry out this project smoothly, we should do some training which would be useful for our employees to know more about the new market. Sales Department、Customer Service Department 、Engineers and other related persons should attend the training.

3. What should be trained

As it’s a new and unacquainted market for us, we should learn more local culture to enter into their customs easily and the local collaborators and competitors should not be overlooked, we also could cathch more advantaged information from them ; A common language should be implemented for future work with each other; overseas marketing strategy and product introduction are indeed necessary for the expanding.

4. How to train

Over time, there are so many methods for the trainging. Such as in-house trainging, outsource, online and so on. Among the above trained content, language training can be outsourced as it’s a long-term learning. Internal training should be taked on others for company budget saving.

5. How to check the result of training

We can test the trainees by oral and written examination for the language training to confirm if they are acceptable. Maybe knowledge competition for local culture training is interesting and effective. Furthermore, training staff can write reports about their experience during the training.

6. Recommendation

I therfore recommend that we proceed with this project as soon as is convenient.

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