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My view on On-campus students' marriage

发布时间:2013-12-04 10:25:21  

My view on On-campus students’ marriage

It is becoming a hot issue that Chinese On-campus student are legallyallowed to get married during their school years. Many people welcome this new move, while others take thought for this.

Those in favour of On-campus marriage hold that. Since college students have come to a mature age. They do a desire for ideal marriage, and thus are entitled to such happiness. While others who take sides against this new tend believe that college students will inevitable have less time and energy for their academic life if marriage. Since, they have more real-life problems to deal with.

As for me. I am on the con side. On-campus students are solely response for successful academic achieving. If one get married, he or she has to take up social and family duties as well. And laden whit academic takes plus financial problems. I am afraid he may fail both.

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