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My idol

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My idol is a real idol

Who is the most popular singer today? Who is the best singer in China? I think it is obvious. The singer who I am fond of is Jay Chou , he is my idol , which I have been insisting for ten years. Since I was born, there are two men who I love most , the one is my dear father, and the other is Jay . It’s unimaginable for others to think of my cult of Jay Chou . Because they don’t know him , my admirable that for him is reasonable, let me talk about him for you.

As I was in Grade four, I saw Jay for the first time. That day I saw lost of posters of him in the small store when I was buying some foods, but except him, there are few posters of others. Which makes me doubt that he is a big star, so I want to know more about him . At that time , I had not a computer, so I could only buy a tape of his songs ,the first tape I bought named “Fantasy” . I really think it changed my understanding of music, his song is a gift for me , I could not help listening. It is so amazing ,relaxing and fresh . Then I found out that this style is R&B, which means rhythm and blues.

Jay Chou’s song make me fell in love with music and became much more outgoing in my life. What impact on me the greatest is his attitude and character . he always does things that what he want, he has his own thought and never says never. Quite a lot media attacked him because he is too hot . It is helpless for him to face them, maybe being a star make him have to be strong and always smile . I love him that who he is .

Jay have nearly 300 songs ,and all of them are his own but some songs being not in his album. Everyone is surprised with his talent for music , he changed the whole Chinese music like a black horse in 2000. Up to now , he still is the most popular singer in China. Although he is a multitasking star now. As we know ,he is a singer, also an actor, director and boss. His life make us envy, but we should know that his pay in exchange for return .

My idol have my ten-year love , I have too much to say so .

Okay , that’s all . I love him .

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