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2013预测作文 1

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2013预测作文 1. Reduce Waste on Campus(校园浪费现象)

Today, waste on campus is becoming an increasingly serious problem. Walking around the campus, one may easily notice that lots of food is dumped into dustbins. Also, quite a few college students frequently change their mobile phones simply to keep pace with the latest trend.

Waste on campus is harmful in many aspects. Firstly, there are still many poverty-stricken areas nationwide, where food is inadequate. Food wasted on campus, therefore, might have been used to help ease food shortages facing under-developed regions. Secondly, it is a traditional Chinese virtue to be thrifty, therefore, waste on campus is a shame. What’s more, most students still rely heavily on their parents for daily expenses, which, in many cases, are saved by their parents with great efforts.

For my part, on the one hand, I myself will avoid waste in my daily life by not ordering too much food or buying unnecessary things. On the other hand, I advocate that every college student should be aware of the harms of waste and fight against them.

2. On Happiness(幸福感)

How do you enhance the sense of happiness? When asked such a question, people respond differently. Some maintain that owning a big fortune naturally brings about happiness. Others, however, argue that happiness is not necessarily determined by one’s social status or material possessions.

Happiness is quite sophisticated a question. Many people find it hard to tell whether they are happy or not even when they have obtained great wealth and are regarded as successful ones. However, simple and poor as a beggar’s life is, he may easily find content and happiness in a sufficient meal or warm shelter.

For my part, more often than not, happiness a state of mind, decided by our mental feelings rather than wealth, position, or things like that. So long as we are content and satisfied, we can enjoy happiness in our own ways. Besides, a positive and optimistic attitude to life is always indispensable to happiness. Also, helping others or doing some meaningful things can help to enhance our sense of happiness. Therefore, let’s cheer up and fill our life with happiness whatever life holds for us.

3. Jobs for Graduates(大学生就业难)

Seeking a satisfying job is becoming extremely difficult for college graduates these days, and the unemployment rate is increasingly higher, as is reported in the media very frequently.

A variety of reasons are accountable for this phenomenon. Firstly, the expansion in college enrollment is an important factor that makes the competition fierce, since more graduates are facing employment each year. A second reason may be that the demand for college graduates is not in balance with the supply. Many jobs need some experienced employees whereas college graduates generally lack social experience and practical working ability. Last but not the least, many graduates expect so much from their first job that it becomes an unrealistic goal.

As I see it, both our society and graduates themselves should combine their efforts to solve the problem. On the one hand, more practical training and internship programs should be added to college education so that college students can learn some practical skills at school. On the other hand, college graduates may as well change their definition of “a good job”, which, for many, means a steady and well-paid one, and try to do something really meaningful and practical.

4. Economic Development and Environmental Protection(经济发展与环保孰先孰后)

Facing so many environmental problems these days, people differ from one another in terms of their views on which one should be prioritized, economic development or environmental protection?

Some people hold that economic development comes first. They believe that, along with the prosperity of economy, environmental pollution is an unavoidable stage, which can be tackled gradually after we get wealthy enough. Others, however, think in just the opposite way. They forcefully argue that environment is so important to us that we should never sacrifice it for economic growth.

Personally, I believe that a good environment and becoming rich are equally important to us and that we would suffer a great loss without either of them. Therefore, a sustainable development is preferred. In other words, while we are promoting economic prosperity, by no means should we neglect the environment we are living in. I do hope we can enjoy a more prosperous economy under a clearer sky.

5. Traffic Jam in Cities(城市交通)

Currently, people are pouring into cities. In addition, the number of families owning private cars is on the rise. Consequently, cities are getting increasingly over-crowded and traffic congestion is becoming quite serious a problem.

It is not uncommon to see that, during rush hours, cars are swarming into the streets. To make things worse, some people do not observe traffic rules. As a result, main streets, especially cross-roads become so congested that people will have to wait for a long time before they can move. In a word, traffic jam in cities has brought about much inconvenience to people.

By no means is it easy to prevent traffic jam in cities. Yet, measures as follows are worth trying. For one thing, it is high time that the government sped up infrastructure construction, such as widening the road, building more over-bridges, and the like. For another, people should consciously observe traffic rules and they are encouraged to go to work by bicycle or bus. We are confident that, by doing so, traffic jam in cities will be alleviated.

6. On Water Shortage(水资源短缺)

Never before have we been faced with a serious problem of water shortage. In the vast countryside, farming lands are waiting to be watered, nevertheless, water there is forever far from being sufficient. In cities, it is not uncommon for water supply being cut off.

There are numerous factors accountable for water shortage. To begin with, accompanying global warming, rivers are unavoidably evaporating faster. Secondly, people’s awareness of saving water is yet to be enhanced.

To tackle the problem, it is urgent that the following measures should be taken. Firstly, our government should spare no efforts to plant more trees, which in turn helps to preserve the natural environment and slow down the evaporation process. Secondly, as individuals, we must say no to whoever wastes water, ourselves included. Only in this way can water shortage be kept from worsening off.

7. TV Talent Shows(选秀)

Over the past few years, various kinds of talent shows have emerged on TV and some of them are extremely popular. Naturally, they have exerted great influence on people and opinions on them vary from person to person.

Many people are in favor of these shows, considering them thrilling and attractive. These people may turn on TV and enjoy the shows frequently. While on the other hand, some people frown on them. They argue that the shows are nothing but a way for some TV producers to earn money, and that those so-called talents are showing something unworthy and meaningless.

For my part, I enjoy these shows a lot. Not only are they recreational, they can also be really instructive and inspiring. I believe, therefore, if one has some special talents, he or she should not hesitate to participate in them and show his or her talents to the public.

8. On Food Safety(食品安全)

At present, the issue of food safety has considerably aroused public concerns. Very frequently we are besieged by food-related scandals, which cover a variety of daily necessities ranging from milk powder and yogurt to edible oil.

Food is indispensable to everyone, without which nobody can survive. Food safety, therefore, is a public issue of top priority. Unless the government takes effective measures to tackle the problem of food safety, the general public will no longer have confidence in the government, which will trigger a series of social problems.

To tackle the above-mentioned problem, it is suggested that measures as follows should be put into effect right now. In the first place, governments at all levels must crack down on food safety offenders and ensure that food is safe at the source. Secondly, enterprises should be self-disciplined enough in the production and marketing of safe food. Moreover, the media need to expose whoever offends food safety to the public. In this way, we firmly believe that, in the near future, everyone may enjoy safe food supplies.

9. Is Offering Seats Compulsory for Young Passengers?(年轻人让座)

When it comes to such a question, a great many people will give a positive answer. They believe that it is something natural in a civilized society, in which the elderly should be given respect and care.

Nevertheless, the opposite opinion is held by a lot of others, who argue that young people are under great pressure from work and may be exhausted when they are taking a bus. Offering seats to elderly people, therefore, is not compulsory.

As I see it, offering seats, as a good deed, is not compulsory but should be advocated. As a young man, I myself will surely offer my seat to an elderly on the bus, because, for the first reason, I consider it necessary to show respect and care to the old, who have done a lot for society and the younger generation as well. Besides, as the elderly are getting physically weak, offering them a seat can help them from being hurt accidentally. But, on the other hand, I think the elderly should try to avoid taking a bus during rush hours, and should be considerate enough if the young are too tired to be willing to offer them their seats.

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