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Test For Unit 6

Class ___________ Number __________Name ____________ Mark _____________


( )1. ---What kind of child does your mother want you to be?

---She wants me to be _____ honest boy.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )2. ---What would you like, pop music or classical music? ---I ________ pop music.

A. sing B. prefer C. write D. perform

( )3. What are you doing ? I’m dancing ________ the dance music.

A. to B. with C. for D. in

D. has ( )4. I like friends who _________ friendly and easygoing. A. is B. have C. are

( )5. Mrs. Green is very weak after the illness, and she always feels ___________.

A. bored B. tired C. happy D. free

( )6. The teacher asked her students ___in class; instead she wanted them to focus on study.

A. not to play B. don’t play C. to play D. playing

( )7. Some of the students are afraid of the teachers ___________ strict with students.

A. that is B. who is C. which are D. who are

( )8. I like that music, but the lyrics _______________ good enough.

A. aren’t B. are C. isn’t D. is

( )9. Please turn down your stereo. Your music is too _____________.

A. loud B. low C. quiet D. slow

( )10. I like all the movie ______________ that are on your wall.

A. exhibition B. posters C. songs D. music

( )11. There are many tall buildings on ____________ sides of the street.

A. each B. every C. both D. either

( )12. That is a watch of ______________.

A. his B. him C. my D. me

( )13. Though it was late, ________________ he went on with his work.

A. but B. and C. so D. \

( )14. I don’t like stories ________________ have unhappy ending.

A. about B. who C. that D. those

( )15. My sister was watching TV ______________ I came into her room.

A. if B. where C. that D. when

( )16. Some of her best-loved photos are ______________ display in this exhibition.

A. on B. in C. at D. about

( )17. We will have a _______________ holiday after the exam.

A. two month B. two-month C. two-months D. two months

( )18. I like friends who ________________ friendly and easygoing.

A. is B. have C. are D. has


二、完型填空. (每小题1分,共22分)

(A) 根据课文内容选择适当的答案

Yellow River Fisherman

This is Hong Tao’s latest movie. I like Hong Tao. He’s made some great movies over the years. ’re looking for entertainment, stay at home and watch TV. Yellow River Fisherman is too long, and it’s really boring. It does have a few good features, ’s wife was really funny.

Amy Kim, Photography

Be sure to see this exhibition the Lido Gallery. Amy Kim is one of the best Chinese photographers in the world today, and some of her best loved photos are on display in this exhibition. She really has something for everyone. There are many great photos of people and of the countryside. The few city photographs are successful. I see the same things every day and they don’t interest me as much. But this is a great show from a world class photographer. Whatever you do, don’t miss this exhibition.

Wild and Windy

Over the years, we’ve seen musical groups with pretty strange names come and go. Few have stranger names than this band. As the name the kind of music that I love to hear. Every song is really loud and often you can’t understand the words, but this is okay because the lyrics aren’t very good. However, these are who make us happy — even on a Monday morning.

( )1. A. Fortunately B. Unfortunately C. Also D. However

( )2. A. though B. too C. either D. nor

( )3. A. in B. on

( )4. A. know B. known C. at D. of

D. much

D. suggests C. knew D. knows ( )5. A. less B. more C. little ( )6. A. tells B. provides C. shows

( )7. A. musicians B. group C. band D. singers


About 70 000 000 Americans are trying to lose weight. That is almost 1 out of every 3 people in the United States. Some people eat food and they hardly have any fats or sweets. Others do running, exercise with machines, take medicine, or even have operations. losing weight is work, and it will also cost a lot of money. But do so many people in the United States want to lose weight?

Many people in the United States worry about their look of the body. For many people, looking nice also means to be overweight is not good.

Most people want to find a faster and way to take off fat, and books of this kind are very popular. These books tell people how to lose weight. Each year a lot of new books like these are .Each one says it can easily help people take fat away.


Losing weight can be .Some overweight people go to health centres, like La Costa in California. Men and women several hundred dollars a day at these health centres. People live there for one week or two, exercise, eating different foods. Meals there may be just a little. All this works for losing weight. four days on the programme, one woman called Mrs. Warren lost 5 pounds (2.27 kg).At $400 a day, she spent $320 to lose each pound. But she said she was still to do so.

Health centres, books, medicines, operations, running and exercise machines all a lot of money. So in the United States, losing weight may mean losing too. 1. A. less B. more C. nice D. fast 2. A. For 3. A. good 4. A. why 5. A. high 6. A. talk

B. So

C. Or

D. And D. easy D. fat D. tell D. copied

D. safe D. have D. using D. At D. glad D. get D. money

B. useful B. what B. short B. say B. harder

C. hard C. thin C. speak

C. how D. when

7. A. dearer 8. A. taken 9. A. cheap 10. A. pay 11. A. making 12. A. Before 13. A. sorry 14. A. need

C. shorter D. easier

B. given C. written B. expensive C. easy B. cost B. taking B. In B. angry B. have

C. take C. playing C. After C. sad C. use C. food

15. A. health B. time

三、阅读理解 (每小题2分,共22分)


If you are a foreigner looking for a place that has everything, there’s only one place to visit, and that is New York. It’s a whole world in a city.

The World of Theatre

All of New York is a stage, and it begins with Broadway. Where else can you find so many shows in one place? Only in New York!

The World of Music

Spend an evening with Beethoven at Lincoln Center, Swing to great jazz of Greenwich Village. Or rock yourself silly at the hottest dance spots found anywhere .

The World Of Art

From Rembrandt to Picasso. From Egyptian tombs to Indian teepees. Whatever kind of art you like, you will find in New York. The World of Fine Dining


Whether it is roast Bejing Duck in Chinatown. Lasagna in Little Italy, or the finest French cog au vin (chicken cooked in wine) found anywhere, there is a world of great taste waiting for you in New York.

The World of Sight

What other city has a Statue of Liberty? A Rockefeller Center? Or a Branx Zoo? Where else can you take a horse-drawn carriage through the Central Park? Only in New York!

( ) 1. What do you think Rembrandt was/is?

A. A place in New York B. An artist

C. A place in the World of Art D. A musician

( ) 2. Which of the following programs can a visitor have only in New York?

A. To enjoy the Beijing roast duck B. To taste the finest French coq au vin.

C. To spend an evening with Beethoven. D. To see the Statue of Liberty.

( ) 3. The purpose of writing this text is to _________.

A. tell the readers where New York lies

B. supply the readers with some information about New York jobs

C. try to persuade the readers to visit New York

D. help the readers get a better understanding of New York

( ) 4. The text above may be taken from __________.

A. a guidebook for a foreign visitor B. a magazine for a businessman

C. a handbook for an English student D. a novel for native Americans


What would life be like aboard(在船上) a spaceship? Perhaps the strangest and most interesting thing about living in space is that people are weightless because there is no gravity(重力).This condition, which is called zero gravity, makes it possible for astronauts to fly through the spaceship simply by pushing off from a wall or a chair. It's almost like swimming underwater, except that there is no up or down. Imagine, then, taking a shower when water moves in the air instead of running down on you. Tie yourself to a wall so that you don't fly away while taking a sleep. You couldn't brush your teeth in the usual way. The following may help you understand how these and other everyday activities can be difficult tasks for people who travel in space.

? Showers

Taking a shower aboard a spaceship isn't like taking one at home.On a spaceship, you must store up water. And preparing the equipment for showers takes a long time. is also not a simple activity. On Russian spaceships, an astronaut gets in an elastic(弹性的) cylinder(汽缸) with caps at both ends. Rubber slippers, fixed to the floor, keep the astronaut from flying upward.The astronaut puts a soft pipe into his or her mouth in order to breathe.Then the astronaut presses his or her nose to keep water out, because water doesn't drop downward in space. When the water is turned on, it comes out of holes at the top and bottom of the 4

cylinder.Astronauts use a soap-filled cloth to wash and then a plain cloth to clean.

? Teeth cleaning

Astronauts use electric toothbrushes. They are encouraged to massage their gums(按摩牙龈) with a special cloth. A special chewing gum, used after every meal, also helps them keep their teeth clean.

? Sleep

When you're really tired, it feels wonderful to lie down on a bed and sleep. In space, however, there is no “down”. An astronaut sleeps in a standing position in a sleeping bag fixed to the wall of a sleeping place.In the space station, elastic give the feeling of lying flatly on a bed. These bands press the sleeper back in the same way that gravity presses down.

( )1. Why do the everyday activities become difficult in space?

A. Because astronauts can fly away. B. Because people are weightless.

C. Because there is no up and down. D. Because water moves in the air.

( )2. What does the underlined word “it” refer to in the second paragraph?

A. Keeping the water out. B. Storing up water in space. C. Fixing cylinder to the floor. D. Preparing shower equipment.

( )3. What does the underlined word “bands” mean in the last paragraph?

A. Flat things fixing sleepers. B. Series of space numbers.

C. Narrow areas with light. D. Groups of musicians.

( )4. What might be the best title for the passage?

A. Zero Gravity B. Strange Space


“When words fail, music speaks.” For every emotion we know, there

seems to be a song that can express the feelings that go along with it. There

are songs about sadness, joy, fear, anger and love. There are even songs

without words, and even these tunes can have a powerful influence on a


Some may say music is the mixture of a tune, notes, rhythms (节奏), and maybe even words. But to me, I find that music is much more than that. Music lives and breathes everywhere—in the soft whisper of a summer wind, in the rolling of waves in an ocean, or even in the beating of a baby’s heart. Music is the rhythmic beating of life, and it gives life to everything.

People often go through life, taking no notice of the sweet sounds of music around them. They walk through busy streets and pass people by without looking at anyone in the eye. People forget that simply saying “hello” to another person can be music. I have found, however, that by

5 C. Brave Spacemen D. Living in Space

giving a small part of myself to others each day, I can be an instrument of love. I, too, can create music. Making time out of my day is a hard task to achieve, for I become busier and busier each day. But what I get from helping another person is endless, especially when I see how much I can add to another person’s happiness. This is a great and powerful gift that we have as human beings. We have the ability to take care of other people’s joy. By loving and caring for others, we can truly be instruments of love for other people.

Music is more than words put into a tune. It’s the flow of goodness and life that can be found in every situation, good or bad. It’s a helping hand when someone falls down. It’s a loving hug after not seeing each other for years. It’s a tear that falls down the cheek of a baby. That’s the thing about music—it is different for everyone. Music is there to help us when things are too great to put into words. Music will forever express emotions of love and life. 1. Paragraph 2 is mainly about ______.

A. what music is

B. how music influences us D. why music influences us

B. listen to the music around them D. create music by showing kindness C. where music is 2. From Paragraph 3, we know that people are often too busy to ______. A. enjoy the happiness they have C. notice the happiness everywhere

3. The underlined sentence “ shows that ______.

A. music gives life to everything besides words

B. music expresses something beyond description

C. music is different for everyone as well as words

D. music is easier to be understood than description

四、阅读短文,从5个选项中选出能填入空白处得最佳选项。有一个选项为多余选项。 Gilbert joined the Science Club last summer. One day he was handed a piece of paper, a block of wood and four wheels. He was told to go home and give them all to “dad”. 1.______ So she decided that she would read the instructions and let Gilbert do the work. A few days later the block of wood was turning into a car that Gilbert proudly named “Blue Lighting”. 2.______ But When they got there, Gilbert found that his car was the only one that had not been made by a “father-son” partnership(合作).

The race began. One by one the cars were knocked out until it came to the final between Gilbert and Jimmy. Just before the race, Gilbert asked whether they could stop for a minute so that he would make a wish. 3._______

People cheered as the race began. Jimmy stood with his father and watched their car racing 6

down the road while Gilbert was surprised at the great speed of his car as it rushed over the finishing line less than a second before Jimmy’s. Gilbert jumped up and down with excitement.

Soon the club manager came over and asked him, “So, Gilbert, your wish was to win, right?” “Oh no, sir,” he replied. “I wished that I wouldn’t cry if I lost.”

4. ______ When Gilbert first saw the other cars, he didn’t cry out, “Not fair! Other children had their fathers’ help!” Gilbert didn’t wish for victory in the race; instead he wished for


1. 你喜欢哪种音乐?

_____________ _____________ of music do you like?

2. Rosa喜欢安静柔和的音乐3. 我喜欢那些写他们自己音乐的歌手.

I love ____________________ _______________ write their own music.

4. 我们喜欢有好歌词的音乐.

5. 我们在寻找一个可以安静度假的地方。你知道一个好地方吗?

We’re ____ ______ a quiet place to ______ ______vacation. Do you know a good place?

6. 我喜欢古典音乐胜过流行音乐。I ______________ classical music ______ pop music.

7. 我喜爱在一个炎热的天气里吃冰淇淋。没治了(没有比这更好的了)。

六. 阅读短文,根据其内容回答问题。(每小题2分,共10分)

Music is part of every culture on Earth. Many people feel that music makes life worth living. We can make music ourselves if we play an instrument(乐器) or sing. We can hear music on CDs or tape, on radio or television and even on the Internet. Music gives us pleasure. It can cheer us up, or excite us.

Music can make us feel happy, sad, excited or calm—all kinds of feelings. But what is it? Some people describe it as an artful form of sounds across time. These sounds might be loud or soft, high or low, quick and short, or slow and long. The sounds need to keep on for some time in some kinds of forms to become music.

Music, like language, is a special human form of communication. Also like language, there are many different kinds. In North America, people listen to jazz, rock, classical, folk, country, and many other kinds of music. Each kind of music has its own rules and “speaks” to us in its own way.

What we think of music depends on where we live. What Americans are used to listening 7

to might sound strange to someone from another culture. It might not even sound like music. And also you can find that every country has its own typical instruments to show their traditional music.

Today, modern communications(通讯系统) make it possible for us to listen to music from all over the world. In this way music from one part of the world could influence(影响) music from another part.

Music goes along with many of our activities. We dance to music. We sing songs at school. Many of us exercise to music. We hear music in cars and stores. Music comes with many important moments.

Music pleases us. We listen to slow music, spiritual music, pop music, rock music, and opera. We have favorite performers. We hear music as the background in movies. Perhaps we go to the theater to see a musical movie—play with music, singing, and often with dancing.

Music is part of our lives.

1. Can we hear music on the Internet?


2. What kinds of feelings can music give us?


3. Why can music all over the world influence each other today?


4. What are the similarities(相似点) between music and language?


5. What is the passage mainly about?



请以My eating habit为题,用英语写一篇短文,并请讲明自己喜欢的事物及原因。要求:语句通顺,内容切题,词数60—80之间。


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