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英语比赛作文You never change

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You never change

Naturally or half unconsciously, she thought of six years ago. Thought of herself and him.

As he said, she had changed a lot . It seemed he had not changed a bit though he was older than before.

"Well, do you remember the time six years ago? It looks like yesterday, "the smile still on her face.

"Yep, it still on it , "he took a cigarette .

She looked at him, and draw a deep breath. Yes, he still himself!

Six years ago , they were lovers. At the beginning of their love story, it was sweet. However, with the time going by, his shortcomings exposed

gradually. He was a selfish man. And, he is a selfish man .

She looked out of the windows, it was raining . She could not believe that he did not change during the six years. She wanted to known why, but she did not asked. It was nonsense , she thought.

"You said you wanted to be a teacher , so, how is it? " He asked.

"yes, I am what I wanted me to, "she replied, "After we separated, I decided to change myself , I woke hart , and I got it. "

The man smiled , "It is fine . That is you! " "So, what about you? " " Yeah, it's always it use to be. The some house, the some work and the some people. Ithink it is fine, right? "he drank his coffee.

"Maybe , "she looked out of the windows again .

When she looked back , he was looking at her eyes.

She can well remember the past when they had look at each other , it was warn . In the past , he would look at her eyes, and kissed her . She thought it was the touch between their souls.

But now , she had no this feeling anymore, for she had felt tired about him.It was his selfish and careless that made she left him.

"Do you remember the last time we get out to a tour ? " she asked again. "It seemed not very good, "he replied with a embarrassed smile on his face. "Yes, it was, "she smile too, "you were lake and when we were there it looked like you just travel by yourselves. " " yeah, I enjoyed myself at

that moment .You know it is a rare chance for me to had a day off. "he said calmly and as if it was nothing.

When she heard it, she wrinkled her brows.

"You known , I still. .. .. .. miss you, "the man said with the cigarette in his mouth .

However, she did't felt shocked . She known him, but she had to lever him. .... .

"Well, I am not, "she replied "You still did't known why I left you, right? " ". .. .. .. "

"It seems you are fine, it's unnecessary for you to known about it, isn't it? "she continued.

He looked aloud and smoking . He was trying to escape.

"Maybe , you should change yourself , "she touched her hair.

The air seemed to stop the flow of. It was still raining outside .

To broke the ice, she said "why not ask another cup of coffee. It

turned cold."She asked two cups of coffee , though she would not drink it.

She knew he still love her, but she can go back to him. It related to her blessedness , the whole life. She did not felt contrite about her leaving .

She think maybe she should have a lunch with him. After all he was her ex-boyfriend. "So, I wonder whether we can have a lunch together ? "

"yeah, it is perfect. Eh. .. But there is wonderful football game. .. .. So. .. I am sorry , I can't . .. . " This time she was really shocked ! He still thought of himself! She was disappointed.

She left again , with him over there .

Maybe, he well not know why she left forever .

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