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my grandmother英语小作文

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Whenever I recall the past, I have to admit that

grandmother is the most influential person in my life. What she has given me is the wealth of a lifetime.

My grandmother was a typical example of the women who grew up in Old China. Cruel bandages made her feet as small as 14 centimeters. A heavy family burden certainly contributed to her weather-beaten face and streaks of grey in her hair. But she never appeared gloomy; instead, the smile on her dimpled chin always brightened our day.

My grandmother became a bride at the age of 14 and then gave birth to 5 children. Life at that time was rather difficult. Drought and the plague of insects destroyed all crops. My grandfather was then unfortunately far away in the army. It was my grandmother who carried my 6-year-old uncles and 4-year-old aunt to go begging. Those days were really

nightmares. No one knew how many times they had hidden in tunnels to escape the Japanese Devil and no one counted how many nights they spent in the ice-cold cellar in others’ homes. But my resolute grandmother never gave up. Her steadfast and persevering character made her the savior of the whole family. She finished such shocking stories in a kind of calm tone and emotionally told me: “There is no

point in being negative about the things you just cannot change. You have no choice but to face reality and believe tomorrow will be better.” Every time I feel frustrated, I remind myself of her miserable experiences and

thought-provoking words and I’ll be full of strength to continue. My grandmother’s firm and indomitable nature has set a good example for me.

My grandmother never regretted anything that happened in her life, except that she failed to get the chance to go to school. As a girl in a poor family in a time of turmoil, all the doors leading to knowledge closed in front of her. She often said she admired those who could read. I’ll never forget the bewildered expression on her face. I felt sorry for her misfortune and studied even harder, because I knew good results on my report card could be a kind of consolation for her.

Maybe it’s a little strange to say that the happiest time for my grandmother and I was at the hospital. Once I became seriously ill and my grandmother assumed the responsibility of taking care of me, since my parents were on business. We were in isolation for 17 days, during which, she told me stories, played games with me and cooked nutritious meals

for me. No one strived to match the favor she had for me. When I gurgled before the TV set, she was busy washing my clothes. When I fell sound asleep at night, she would wake from time to time to check that my quilt hadn’t fallen off my bed. Thanks to her companionship, I forgot the pain and was brave enough to face the syringe-carrying nurses.

Many years have passed. But these memories are as vivid as things that just happened yesterday. Because of her, I’ve managed to lead a life full of meaning.

My Grandmother This is a true story about my grandmother who has passed by for one year. I wrote this to memory her forever and I wish all of you can share my feelings. The following is what my grandmother had told me about her young life. She was born in a poor family with several brothers and sisters in a small village. When she was young, she had to help her parents to do some housework and heavy work in the fields. Her family was so poor that she did not have a full meal at all which made her grow up very thin. In order to make a living, her family moved from place to place which made her almost have no friends. So she cherished friendship between others. Because of prejudice between boys and girls, as a girl, she had to do more dirty

and heavy work than her brothers. She also told me at that time she did not have chance to eat meat until the Spring Festival. Therefore her favorite festival was Spring Festival and she hoped that everyday was Spring Festival. I can not imagine what she had suffered from at that time. What I remembered was that every time when she recalled that hard experience, she looked very depressed. Time went by. I was born when grandmother was sixty-two years old. Less than three years later, my little sister came to the earth. My family was also very poor, so my father had to work in a big city, making money to support us and my mother stayed at home. Mother was busy doing everything include housework and work in the fields, so she had no time to take care of my sister and me. Thereby grandmothershould look after our two and sometimes helped mother work in the fields. As an old woman, her health was not so well, but she loved us very much, looked after us carefully and leaded us to develop good habits. In my eyes, she is an honorable person. She is not only my senior but also the first teacher of my life. When I was old enough to understand more things, I learnt more about my dear grandmother form other people′s words. I learnt

that she was a brave and adamant woman. She had married twice all of her life and my grandfather was her second husband. Unfortunately, my grandfather died when my father was only twelve years old or so. Grandma was very sad at first but before long she recovered form the tragedy. At last, she made up her mind to bring up my father and his two sister-in-laws, two brothers-in-law and two daughters of my grandfather alone. Once my father has told me at that time my grandma had to work very hard in her fields and did some washing or other extra work for the rich in her spare time to make money in order to feed them up. She never had one full meal or enough sleep. What a hard life she lived! However, she complained about nothing, on the contrary, she felt very happy because her children had been growing up smoothly. Until now, I have lived with my grandma together with my sister about twelve years which is even longer than living with my parents. She was kind to everyone, treated us as her treasure and never punished us. I remember very well that every time when I came home after studying one mouth in the county town, she would smile to me, ask me to enter into her house and give me some sugars or fruit which she had prepared for me.

When I ate them, she would sit beside me and look at me with happysmile, but she never ate with me. Whenever I run back this, I feel very happy because of the sweet smile on her face. But now I have no chance to see that happy and sweet smile again. She had suffered from a bad disease about three mouths before her death. I was very sad to hear this bad news, but I believed she could also live a happy life in the paradise. As for me, grandmother is one of the most important people in my life. What she has left for me was unique and priceless. I believe wherever she is, she will be alive in my heart fore

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