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在我的教室里,有很多的男孩和女孩。他们正在干什么呢? 小明正在唱歌,婷婷正在听音乐,汤姆正在做家庭作业。乐乐是个调皮的孩子,他正在做什么呢?他正在吃苹果。高老师也在教室里,高老师正在做什么呢? 高老师正在读英语。 在教室里,我们很忙,但是我们很快乐。

What are they doing in the classroom? In my classroom, there are many boys and girls. What are they doing? Xiao Ming is singing, Ting Ting is listening to music, Tom is doing his homework. LeLe is a naughty boy, what is he doing? He is eating an apple. Miss Gao is in the classroom, too, what is Miss Gao doing? Miss Gao is reading English. In the classroom, we are busy, but we are happy.

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