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L: 梁小叶 Z:张瑜 L:Halleo yu ,have your packages mailed now?

Z:what ?

L: Double eleven online shopping Carnival!

Z: Of course ,It’s much quicker than last year ,ang what i bought is very satisfacting .

L:Oh ,you are one of the people who create 35 billions for the MAYUN . DO you know MAYUN ? Protrudes the cheekbone, the distortion hair, the mischievous dew tooth smiles, has five foot high, 100 pound heavy naughty child appearances, this appearance strange person has the Napoleon same stature, Z: simultaneously also has Napoleon same great ambition..don.t judge one person by apperence ..you should know the inside thing is more important than apperence .

L:Don.t be so serious ,just kidding . Only the money he has earned is my appreciated .It.s a amount of figuers .but his dearm in youth just is to be a good teacher .he must pay many sweats in that .

Z; IN the other hand ,he is a smart people ]and he smells the potential chances in the internet .because of that ,we can own the chance to buy a lot of things in tianmao ,taobao and so on .

L:yes ,you’re right .A successful person not always has beautifui bones .But ,It’s doesn’t mean apperence is not important to people .

Z;I agree with you.Espeacially in today .What wedsites do you surf often when you buy cosmetics in internet ?

L:fas well,just Lefeng ,Or JUmei

Z:yes , jumei .you know the CEO of it ?

L: It’s a piece of cake ,chenou ,right?

Z:YES ,you’re right .

You only smell my perfume, but didn't see my sweat. You have your rules, I have my choice. You deny me now, I decide my future. You laugh at I have nothing, not qualified to love. I have mercy on you always waiting for. You can look down upon our young, we will prove that who is this era. The dream is doomed lonely journey, the road without question and ridicule, but so what. Even if was black and blue all over, also want to live in beautiful. I am ChenOu, I speak for myself.

L:It’s so famous .and he is so handsame .and his apperence appeal to a lot of fans to buy his products and cater our taste .we can absorb energy form his word s.

Z; you just an anthomaniac ..No Pains, No Gains, People attempting a task may be discouraged in front of difficulties. They start with a great interest and passion. When they find that the task will take much more effort than they thought, their interest diminishes and their passion wanes. At that time, they are likely to have the idea of reaping a good harvest without much labor. L:yes ,chenou must pay a lot in his caneer .

Z:oh ,I want to fight for my future ,I want to be cosmetic producters .GOd ,,please give me the strength . L:I will bless you .Of course ,you must work hard ,No man can win success without strong will. We hear some men have got good results, but hardly realize that the great men had been making more efforts before they achieved success. Success requires an unusual amount of energy to overcome difficulties. So it is important for us to have greatresolution. Some men tend to be afraid of difficulties. If they meet with some difficulties, they will give in. So they get nothing eventually.So let's make up our minds, stick

to it and surely win success in our career. Focus on the most important things to do to help your organization be successful. Don't focus on the easiest things. Z : FIGHTING .


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