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要求:1. 认真观察图画,把观察到的内容写成一段通顺的话。 2. 可以展开合理的想象。 3. 不少于五句话。注意规范书写。 姓名:-------


Look! This is a picture of a zoo. The monkey is swinging. The kangaroo is jumping. The elephants are drinking water. The baby beat is sleeping. The trees are green.


Today is sunny. They are having a picnic. Mike is catching butterflies. John is collecting leaves. Zhangpeng is watching the fish. Sarah is doing an experiment. They are very happy.

3 调查你周围5名同学,看看他们正在干什么。写不少于5句话,运用现在进行时。

Hi ! This is chengjie. Wu yifan is drawing pictures. Amy is reading a book. John is listening to music. Linlin is writing a letter. Fangfang is cleaning the room . I am writing an e-mail. What about you?



There is a picture on the wall. A girl is drawing pictures. A boy is answering the phone.

There is a cat near the desk. It is sleeping. I like it.

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