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Hi, this is Amy. I have a new math teacher. She ia Miss Liu. She is tall and thin. She is smart and pretty. We like her. What about you?


Hi, this is Amy. I am a student. I am tall. I like beef. It’s tasty and yummy. My mother is a teacher. She likes apples. They are sweet. My father is a doctor. He likes bananas. They are tasty. What about you?


Hi, this is Amy. I like Mondays. We have P.E. and art on Mondays. I can play football. I have beef for breakfast. I have mutton for lunch. I have tofu for dinner. My favourite food is beef. It’s tasty. What about you?\

4 向大家介绍你自己的一些基本情况以及通常你是怎么安排你的周末活动的。

Hi, this is Amy. I am a student. I am tall and thin. I am active. I like P.E. and art. I like beef. I often do homework on Saturdays. I often watch TV on Sundays. What about you?\

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