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my good friend

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My Good Friend

20班 尤慧芳

I have a good friend.Her name is sally.She is 13 years old.Her eating habits are pretty good.For breakfast,she likes milk and bread.She likes salad and chicken for lunch at school.For dinner,she likes fruit and rice.Eating apples and tomatoes every day is necessary for her.She doesn’t eat hamburgers,because she thinks they are not healthy.She likes ice-cream,but she doesn’t eat it,because she doesn’t want to be fat.She is very healthy.

Healthy Life

20班 李娜

Everyone wants to live a healthy life.My life is healthy.Every day, I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fresh fruit.I like bananas and oranges very much.Besides,I ofen play sports with my friends after school.We play basketball after dinner or on the weekend.After sports,I can have a very good sleep.In this way,I stay healthy.

My Good Friend

21班 贺国宾

Do you know liu Yong?He is my good friend.He is 15 years old and he is tall.He likes healthy food,but he doesn’t like hamburgers and chips.He likes sports very much.He has four baseballs,seven volleyballs,three soccer balls and three basketballs.He often play sports after class,so he is strong.We often help each other.

My Family

21班 范 庆

My family is not big.My father,my father,my brother and I live together.I’m 13 years old,and my brother is older than I.My mother looks after our life and my father works hard to make money.Though my brother and I are sometimes a little naughty,My parents love us very much.This is a happy family.

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