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This is my father and my mother. My father is taller than my mother. My father is older than my mother. This is me. But I am taller than my mother. I like my family.


Alice is my friend. I am young, but she is younger. I am taller. We always go to school and play together. We share our lunch. We like each other.


On holiday, I want to have a picnic. I want to go to the park. I want to see some birds. I want to visit Guilin. I want to see a fountain.

On Chinese New Year, I am going to visit Guilin. I will go by plane. I will stay at a hotel. I will stay for three days. I will buy fruit trees. I like Chinese New Year.


I want to be a fireman. I like to put out fires. My friend is Alice. She wants to be a doctor. She wants to make sick people better.


For breakfast, I like eggs and milk. My father likes bread and milk. My mother likes noodles. For lunch, I like rice and vegetables. For dinner, my family likes fish, vegetables and rice. 作文6、介绍一下如何让我们的身体更健康:

We can run. We can jump and play. We eat a lot of fruit, plenty of vegetables. We eat a little chicken and fish. We drink water, milk and fruit juice.


This is my family. My father likes reading. My mother likes cooking. My brother likes eating. I like watching TV. I like my family.


Here is the weather forecast. Beijing will be very cold. Qingdao will be fine and windy. Xi’an will be snowy. Guangzhou will be very cool and wet.


On Chinese New Year, people buy new clothes and special food. People go to the flowers markets. They buy fruit trees and flowers. People visit families and give money in red packets. I like Chinese New Year.


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