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Unit 3 My hobby

Topic 1 What things do you love collecting? Section B
执教人:王开波 山东省滕州市南 沙河镇中心中学

Studying aims 1、复习用enjoy, like, love, prefer, be interested in 和be fond of 表达自己的兴趣爱好。 2、学会灵活运用used to do sth. 谈论过去常做 的事情。 3、掌握used to do sth. 的各种句式。


What do you often do in your spare time? I often …… …… is great fun.Why not ……? That’s a good idea. Maybe I need a change.

Listen to the tape and complete the following conversation:
Jane: What do you often do in your spare time __________________?
go fishing Wen Wei: I often ___________Well, what’s your hobby _____________? movie fan Jane: I’m a ___________ go out Wen Wei: Why not ________ do some outdoor activities and_____________________________? Jane: That’s a good idea. I need a change Maybe_________________

Listen to the tape , repeat and practice:
Jane: time? What do you often do in your spare
Wen Wei: I often go fishing. It’s my favorite. And I do a lot of reading.It’s great fun. Well, what’s your hobby? Jane: I’m a movie fan.I go to the theater a lot.I also rent VCDs and watch them at home.

Wen Wei: Why not go out and do some outdoor activities?
Jane: That’s a good idea. Maybe I need a change.

Practice retelling the conversation:
Jane: What do you often do in ……?
Wen Wei: I often ……It’s my favorite. And I do ……It’s great fun. Well, what’s ……?

Jane: I’m a ……I go to ……a lot.I also ……and ……at home.
Wen Wei: Why not …… and……?


That’s a good idea. Maybe……

Make a survey about your classmates’ hobbies. Find out how many students like ……in your class?
Hobbies Number Hobbies Number playing sports 10 speaking English 35 collecting collecting toys stamps swimming reading collecting listening to music telephone cards fishing playing soccer climbing travelling mountains painting cooking

Listen to the tape and complete the following sentences:
a 1、 I used to be _______ soccer fan _______ _______.

to 2、 I used to listen _______ music _______. little 3、 I used to know _______ about paintings _______ _________.

Listen to the tape and repeat:
Hi, I’m Philip. I’m a soccer fan. But I used to be a movie fan. Do you believe it? My interests are changing all the time. I used to listen to music. And I wasn’t interested in sports at all. But now, my hobbies are sports, like soccer and swimming. I never miss any important soccer games. I used to know little about paintings. But now I am collecting them. Can you share my interests? Let’s be friends.

Read the passage and fill the form out :

Used to
He used to be a movie fan.

But now
He is a soccer fan.


He used to know He is collecting little about paintings. paintings.

Because his His hobbies are interests

are He used to sports, like soccer changing all listen to music. and swimming. the time.

Please make some sentences with the pattern below to report your hobbies to your group:

I used to ……but now I hate/don’t like it. I like/love/enjoy/prefer/am interested in/am fond of ……
collect stamps listen to pop music play soccer read novels stay at home collect coins water flowers…… dancing listen to rock music play baseball go fishing play sports climb mountains travelling……

“used to ...”用法要小心

used to do sth. 表示“过去常常做某事(而现在已不做)” 1. 肯定句。 He used to get up early. 他过去常常起床很早。 The river used to be clean. 这条河过去很干净。 2. 否定句用didn't use(d) to, used not to或usedn't to. He didn't use(d) to get up early. 他过去常常不早起。 The river usedn't to be clean. 这条河过去不干净。 3. 疑问句常用Did ... use(d) to...? Used (...) to...? Did you use(d) to be a teacher? =Used you to be a teacher? 你过去是个老师吗? 4. 反意疑问句。 She used to live in the country, didn't / usedn't she? There used to be a big tree here, didn't /usedn't there?

Read the form and write a passage about your family’s hobbies:
Who I Father Mother Used to But now

listen to music collecting stamps water flowers travelling

stay at home

reading books

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