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Hong Kong学生

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WORD BANK: 人口密度 population density 成衣 garment 航空中心aviation center 定期客运 scheduled passenger services

Part A’s Reference:

1. 150多年前,香港被形容为“荒芜之地”,时至今日,已发展成为一个国际金融商贸中心,跻身世界大都会之列。

Hong Kong, described as a "barren rock" over 150 years ago, has become a world-class financial, trading and business center and, indeed, a great world city.

2. 香港除了拥有世界上最优良的深水港外,可说是没有其他天然资源。香港的工作人口约350万。人们辛勤努力、适应力强、教育程度高且富创业精神,是香港成为生产力强、创意无尽的城市。//

Hong Kong has no natural resources, except one of the finest deep-water ports in the world. A hardworking, adaptable and well-educated workforce of about 3.5 million, coupled with entrepreneurial spirit, is the foundation of Hong Kong's productivity and creativity.

3. 香港受英国管治一个半世纪后,在1997年7月1日回归,成为中国的特别行政区。根据《基本法》,香港现有的经济、法律和社会制度保持50年不变。除国防和外交事务以外,香港特别行政区享有高度自治。//

Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region(SAR) of the People's Republic of China on July 1, 1997, after a century and a half of British administration. Under Hong Kong's constitutional document, the Basic Law, the existing economic, legal and social system will be maintained 50 years. The SAR enjoys a high degree of autonomy except in defense and foreign affairs.

4. 香港位于中国东南端,是发展日间迅速的东南亚地区的中心地带,地理条件优越。香港总面积达1,103平方公里,由香港岛、一海之隔的九龙半岛和新界组成。//

Situated at the southeastern tip of China, Hong Kong is ideally positioned at the center of rapidly developing East Asia. With a total area of 1,103 square kilometers, it covers Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon peninsula just opposite, and the New Territories the more rural section of Hong Kong. //


WORD BANK: 荒芜之地 "barren rock" 深水港deep-water port 创业精神 entrepreneurial spirit 高度自治 a high degree of autonomy 九龙半岛Kowloon peninsula 新界the New Territories

Part B’s Reference:

5. 2003年底,香港人口约680万,人口密度为每平方公里6,300人。居于香港的外籍人士为数不少,主要来自菲律宾、印尼和美国。

Hong Kong's population was about 6.8 million at the end of 2003. The population density is 6,300 people per square kilometer. Hong Kong has a large foreign population and the top three nationalities come from the Philippines, Indonesia and the USA.

6. 香港市全球闻名的贸易体系、外汇市场及银行中心。香港股票市场之大,在亚洲排名第二。香港也是全球输出成衣、钟表、玩具、游戏、电子和某些轻工业产品的主要地区。//

Hong Kong is the world's famous trading economy, foreign exchange market and banking center, as well as Asia's 2nd biggest stock market. Hong Kong is one of the world's top exporter of garments, watches and clocks, toys, games, electronic products and certain light industrial products.

7. 在2003年,香港市全球第十大服务出口地。香港服务贸易主要包括民航、航运、旅游、与贸易有关的服务,以及各类金融及银行服务。不少服务项目的收费都是全球最低廉的。

Hong Kong was the world's 10th largest exporter of services in 2003. Civil aviation, shipping, travel and tourism, trade-related services, and various financial and banking services are the main components of trade in services. The prices of many services are among the lowest in the world.

8. 香港是国际和亚洲区主要的航空中心。香港国际机场时世界上最繁忙的机场之一。全球各大航空公司都有航班飞往香港。现时,每周大约3,900班定期客运及615班货运航空从香港飞往全球约130个城市。

Hong Kong is a major international and regional aviation center. Hong Kong International Airport, one of the busiest in the world, is served by major international airlines, which provide about 3,900 scheduled passenger services and 615 freight services weekly from Hong Kong to some 130 cities world-wide.

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