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Do Housework

发布时间:2013-12-22 10:42:30  

Nowadays, a great many students bury themselves among books and are proud of themselves. In their eyes, it will make them lose their face if they do housework.

In my opinion, these young people are wrong. And every student should have a knowledge of housework. After all, they will have a family of their own, and they should do their part in keeping a good home. Boys should also learn to do housework, for nothing they can do if they remain single. By doing housework, they will be very helpful in the family. Anyhow they will not lose anything. On the contrary, they will gain something useful.

And all young men need to do housework as girls do. Someone would argue that we can employ servants, though. However, what shall we do if the servant leaves us? We just cannot leave our clothes as they are and let worms and ants eat them up. And what can we do if we live in a foreign country where servants are out our means to employ?

As far as I’m concerned, we are supposed to work for ourselves. So why not start to learn to do housework now?

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