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1. H7N9 avian influenza is a kind of infection, first occurring in Shanghai and Anhui at the end of March, 2013. People with the disease have such symptoms as fever, tiredness, breathing difficulty and coughing. It is generally believed to spread through coughing, sneezing and physical contact with domestic and wild birds. In order to prevent and control the dangerous disease, we must form a good habit of living, such as doing exercise every day to keep fit, washing hands as often as possible, making sure there is always fresh air in our rooms and avoiding touching those birds. Once infected, the patients are advised to take the medicine Oseltamivir as well as plenty of rest.

2. Designed and made by Guangdong Tianhong Technology Company, the IRISPen can help you scan 600 Chinese characters into a computer per minute, making you free of trouble of typing a lot of information into your computer. Going with all sorts of computers, it is very convenient to carry around due to its small size (12×26×14mm) and light weight (50g). As an efficient storage tool, it can recognize many different languages and translate them into other languages correctly. Very environmentally friendly, it will turn off

by itself when you don’t use it. What’s more, everybody can get one for no more than 850 yuan.

3. Chong Yang Festival, a festival for old people, falls on October 13 this year. With Chinese population aging rapidly in recent years, many old people are left unattended, so it is time for us to take the responsibility for looking after them, which is one of the Chinese traditional virtues. Therefore, not only should we call them up regularly, making sure they are okay physically and emotionally, but we should also visit them during holidays and at weekends. As well as having meals with them and exchanging ideas with them frequently, it is good to master some general knowledge of nursing the old. It would be better if we could often read newspapers for them and take them to the park.

4. Zou Shiming, born on May 18, 1981 in Zunyi, Guizhou, is a 1.62-metre-tall Chinese professional boxer. At the age of 16, Zou got into Guizhou Boxing Team and three years later he was chosen to be a member of the national team. Zou finished in second place in the 2003 World Amateur Boxing Championship, making a great breakthrough for the first time in the field. After many years’ hard training, Zou has won five important world titles from 2005 to 2012, including two Olympic gold medals in the Men’s Light Flyweight

(48 kg/49 kg) at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. Now, inspired by the great success in boxing and the honorary title “the Boxing King of China”, Zou Shiming makes up his mind to win more titles in the future.

5. In order to enrich all the students’ life, a tour of Dengtaijia Tourist Attraction will be arranged by the Students’ Union on October 31. As you may know, the attraction is well known for its highest peak, which looks like an ancient lamp stand. We’ll start out by bus at 6:30 a.m. at the school gate, and after getting there at about 8:00, we’ll begin to climb the highest peak. After a delicious home-made lunch at farmers’ houses, we will go for a wonderful boat ride in the lake, and then return at 5 p.m. Whoever wants to go should sign up at the Students’ Union’s office and pay 110 yuan in all before October 20.

6. Because of human activities and other causes, global warming has become one of the most serious environmental problems. After studying the climate changes during the past 30 years, American scientists pointed out that the average temperature of the earth is approaching the highest point in the past one million years. On the one hand, drought lasts longer in some dry areas, but on the other hand, some areas are frequently struck by floods. What’s worse, the glaciers are melting quickly, which leads to the rising of sea

level. To make a difference in the action against global warming, we should immediately take continual measures to reduce pollution, for example, planting more trees, driving as less as possible.

7. An earthquake measured 7.0 on the Richter scale struck Lushan County, Ya’an City, Sichuan Province at 8:02 on the morning of April 20th, 2013 and the focus depth was 13 km. The earthquake was distinctly felt in many areas around Ya’an City and affected about 1.52 million people and around 12.5 thousand square kilometers. It is reported that more than 200 people were killed or lost and 13,484 people were injured. Many buildings, roads, bridges, and so on have been partly damaged or completely ruined. Shortly after the earthquake, strong measures were taken to help the people in Ya’an, and with help from all sides, the people in the disaster-affected area passed the difficulties successfully.

8. Dear sir,

It is a great pity that I find there is something wrong with the telescope I ordered last week, on which I spent 1,685 yuan. According to the advertisement on your e-shop, it is of high quality with low price as the one I am looking forward to. After receiving the telescope, I thought it must be useful and convenient

enough; however, when I attempted to experiment it outside, it turned out a white elephant. Having read the instructions many times and handled the telescope with the greatest care, I am still unable to see things clearly in the distance in whatever ways I could try. This telescope has affected my feelings so negatively that I hope that my problem will get your immediate consideration and early reply.

Yours faithfully, Li Ming

9. It was raining heavily around five o’clock in the afternoon. There were a lot of people at the bus stop, where I was also waiting for the bus. Suddenly, I saw an old man slipping and falling down on the roadside. I walked toward him quickly and found the old man had broken his arm, so I sent him to hospital immediately. Several days later, the old man’s family wrote me a thank-you letter.

10.Mr Smith, a health expert from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, gave us a talk about how to relieve pressure before the college entrance examination last week. He told us how to learn to live under pressure by doing sports, listening to different kinds of music and even daydreaming about fun things. During the

one-hour talk, he asked us some questions about pressure. I learned a lot from his lively and constructive talk. On my way back home, I came to understand that if we deal with pressure properly, it can be transformed into the motivation for study.

11. I’m writing to your newspaper to express my sincere thanks to a stranger. On the morning of last Sunday, when walking on the road, I was accidentally knocked down by a big truck. Seriously injured, I couldn’t rise to my feet, my legs bleeding. Fortunately, witnessing what had happened to me, a stranger looking like a middle school student stopped a taxi and sent me to a hospital. Not knowing his name, I call him “Living Lei Feng”.

12. Nowadays, great significance is attached to education, yet the fact that many backward children have dropped out of school is ignored. These children feel lonely and pick up some bad habits, and some of them even commit crimes, such as theft and robbery. The government as well as parents should be aware of the importance of providing good education for children. In my view, our whole society should work together to help these children from all sides and only in this way will they have a bright future like other kids. The

left-behind children should also play a part in building up a harmonious society, for they are part of our society. my grandmother said the sun would be eaten up by the dog in the heaven, so she made some noises, wishing to frighten the dog away to save the sun. When she found others looking at the sun through a dark plastic board, she wondered why they were excited when the sun was being eaten by the dog. At first, I didn’t know what happened to the sun but later I knew the truth after reading some science books. I explained to her that the sun was blocked by the moon, so we can’t see the sun for a while, which is called the solar eclipse. Later, the sun appeared again, which made my grandmother believe what I had said.

14. Last Sunday, I went to see my grandparents with my father. When it was the time for us to go back, I found my father had drunk some wine, but he insisted on driving home no matter how hard I stopped him from doing so. On the half way, the car knocked on a lamp pole and was completely damaged. So the police

came and, of course, my father was punished even though he admitted his mistake. As we all know, driving after drinking wine is very dangerous for both the driver and the walker, sometimes even causing terrible accidents and deaths. Therefore, we must follow the traffic rule, no driving after getting drunk.

15. The teachers and students in our school had a drill for the earthquake while having our lessons in the classroom on May 24, 2012, which lasted about 1 hour. Firstly, hardly had the alarming rang, we were asked to move to the corners of the building. After a while, we were organized to rush downstairs one by one when we were sure that it was safe enough. Then, we came to help take those people who were “injured” to the nearest hospital or to rescue those who were still trapped in the buildings. As far as I’m concerned, I think we should keep calm in an earthquake, which is of great help to reduce the loss of life and property. 16. Student volunteers brought

sunshine to the elderly

On May Day, Li Hua and Zhang Ming, the student volunteers from Class Three, Grade Three, went to Da Lang Nursing Home in Dongguan City and did some voluntary work. Upon their arrival, Li Hua and Zhang

Ming were warmly welcomed, and respectfully, they presented the elderly with flowers, fruit, etc. They set about cleaning the windows as well as sweeping the floor, and then they sat in the yard, chatting with the elderly people. When it was time for the volunteers to leave, the elderly people thanked them for their kindness, saying it was such an impressive day that they would remember it forever. What Li Hua and Zhang Ming did has not only brought joy to the elderly people but also enriched their lives.

By Chen Jie, Campus

English Newspaper

17. Chile’s Puyehue Volcano erupts

On June 4, 2011, Puyehue Volcano, situated in the south of Chile, started to erupt. The eruption began with some small earthquakes and then plenty of hot lava went up to the sky straight as far as ten kilometers, closely followed by strong lightning and several larger earthquakes. The eruption made villagers from twenty-two villages leave their homes urgently for safety, causing great anxiety and terror at one time. In addition, many flights were called off and thousands of travelers were stuck in the airports. In a word, the

eruption not only brought much inconvenience to the locals but also had a serious influence on the local environment.

18. Volunteers wanted


To serve the international environmental protection conference better, which is to be held in our city on November 20, we’re recruiting twenty volunteers for this conference from high school students of our city.

First of all, whoever wants to be a volunteer for the conference should not only pay great attention to environmental issues but also have a strong awareness of environmental protection. Apart from speaking English very fluently, applicants should enjoy working together with others. In addition, it is one of the requirements that an applicant should be over 165cm tall and in good health.

Anyone meeting the above-mentioned requirements may send his resume and application letter to us at before October 20.

City government office

19. Dear sir/madam,

I’m writing to you to apply for a volunteer English teacher in this activity. I am Li Hua, female, 25 years old and am majoring in English. In the past three years, I have gained a lot of experience from teaching English as a part-time teacher. What’s more, I’m good at adapting to a new environment and enjoy working together with others. From my point of view, being a volunteer teacher at the SOS Children’s Village can not only broaden my horizons and make me understand the society better but also help me build up self-confidence and develop good communication skills.


1. When a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl is being bullied for her hobby, she hopes to get help from her parents or friends. She believes that people should support him or her when they see someone being bullied. Bullying behavior can be seen all over the world and almost in all parts of society, especially in schools. It might start as early as preschool and might get worse in the transitional teenage years. A bully tries to attract the attention of others in a negative manner. It seems that children coming from aggressive or disturbed family background tend to show bullying behavior, which should be strictly dealt with. If left unattended, this childhood problem can have serious effects on the personality of the bully as well as the child being bullied.

Bullying often happens in schools, so the first line of defense is in the child being bullied, who should be brave enough to protect himself. When that fails, it must be brought to the attention of someone in authority, like a teacher, who will help do something to stop it.

When I see my classmates being bullied, I never stand by but try to stop it in every possible way. If you forgive bullying in any way, you are taking part in it. Preventing bullying is everyone’s responsibility and the option of doing nothing is unacceptable in today’s civilized society.

2. The passage tells us a New York college student’s attitude towards the use of a cellphone during his high school days. He thinks it unnecessary for a teenager to have access to a cellular phone.

Today, it is difficult to imagine a modern teenager without a cellphone. With a cellphone, teenagers can communicate freely with each other, and parents can monitor their children efficiently. However, there are too many disadvantages of a teenager using a cellphone at school. First of all, mobile phones have a negative impact on teenagers’ health due to their radiation. Secondly, the use of a mobile phone can result in a stress when it is stolen or damaged. Thirdly, cellphones also act as a distraction to students and teachers during the

class time. More importantly, many teenagers may use cellphones to play games, chat with others endlessly or even cheat in exams.

To solve the problem, schools should ban the use of cellular phones during the period designated for learning and parents should not allow their children to bring a cellphone to school. In case of an emergency, head teachers should offer their phones to students who need them.

3. In India, although several restoration exercises have been taken, severely damaged paintings are hard to repair. Many people scribbling on monument walls don’t realize the damage they are doing to the monuments.

It is common to see some Chinese tourists leaving their names on walls or stones in many tourist attractions during their travelling. To make things worse, some even leave their names on monument walls in foreign countries to show their feelings for the scenic spots or mark their travelling experiences there. Maybe some just do it for fun. However, this behavior not only does great harm to the tourist attractions in the long run as it is difficult to repair them to their original state, but also leaves an impression that we

Chinese are not well cultivated. What’s more, some tourist sites cannot be selected as World Cultural Heritage just because of those works by uncivilized travelers.

To solve the problem, the government should educate the public to realize scribbling on attraction sites is immoral or even criminal behavior. Furthermore, more monitoring systems should be mounted on the tourist sites. Therefore, anyone who scribbles in public places can be easily acknowledged and punished. Only in this way can these relics be restored for future generations.

4. Local pet shop owners are happy when they see many pet owners buy nice Christmas presents for their pets while Anna, a mother of three children, does not agree on doting on a pet too much at all.

Nowadays, many people are lonely because of all kinds of reasons. So they often decide to adopt a pet so as not to be completely lonely. It is undeniably true that pets can sometimes be a better companion than some boring people. However, having a pet, especially an untrained one, at home can cause some trouble and inconvenience for many people. For example, to take care of your pets, you will dedicate much of your time to them and providing the best pet products for them. Moreover, you have to make sure they are in

good health, or they may develop some forms of sickness which may be harmful to your health. Despite knowing the above disadvantages, many people still entertain their pets blindly. Some buy presents for their pets on their birthdays. Some weave wool sweaters for them, hug them all the time and even kiss them.

Just like Anna, I never keep a pet at home. Although I do have the ability to look after a pet, I think I should spend more time and energy communicating with people and on my studies. Even one day I have a pet, I will treat it normally.


Beijing traffic chiefs decided to crack down on jaywalkers by giving them a 10-yuan fine on the spot according to the new law, which will help improve traffic management and increase road safety.

In China, thousands of people are killed, and many more are injured every year in traffic accidents. Many, perhaps most, of these accidents are caused by careless or rash drivers, but jaywalkers are also responsible for these accidents. There are several reasons for jaywalking. First, some jaywalkers think it a waste of time to wait at the traffic light, especially when there is no much traffic. Second, they firmly believe that those

drivers daren’t run into them, but unfortunately, disasters are unpredictable. Besides, it’s not so easy to punish jaywalkers.

As for traffic light systems, there is indeed some imperfection. The time span of the green light in some cities is too short. Therefore, some measures should be taken immediately. For example, digital traffic lights should be used to show pedestrians the time left for them to cross the intersection. With regard to punishment for those jaywalkers, the on-the-spot fine of 10 yuan is just one of the useful measures.

I never walk in a foolish, rash way like many jaywalkers, because I think a jaywalker is not only a danger to himself but also to other people in the streets. The only way for all of us to avoid disasters is to strictly obey traffic rules.


When the drunken 19-year-old Robert argued with his roommate Hahn over how to prepare pork chops, he was shot to death by Hahn. The similar disaster happened to a St. Louis student who was killed by his classmate.

Where there are people, there is conflict. This is just a part of life. It’s natural for people to disagree at times, because we all have different interests, values, goals and needs. Most bad results are touched off by minor things. Sometimes we don’t understand other people while in other occasions they don’t understand us. Getting angry or aggressive often makes the situation much worse. Some of the negative outcomes of ignoring conflict or managing conflict badly can be: having a lot of anger that you don’t express; conflict getting worse; poor relationships and so on.

The most effective way to deal with conflict is to compromise with the other person involved. Consider some disputable issues from the others’ perspective. Think twice before taking action because disastrous outcomes often result from impulse.

As far as I am concerned, I’ll take the win-win approach, which is about finding out what we both want and where the common ground is, which we can both agree on and work towards.

7. The author used to consider his mother who only had one eye as an embarrassment when he was at school or even got married. But until he read a letter from his mother, he knew the astonishing truth.

After reading the story, I really admire the mother for her great unselfishness and love for her son. At the same time, I feel regretful for the author’s ignoring his mother and rejecting her because of her disability. Once Tom fell into a river when he was very young. His mother jumped into the water without hesitation. She couldn’t swim at all, but she just wanted to try all means to save him. Fortunately, they all survived finally. However, many years later Tom’s mother went downtown and wanted to pay a visit to him. Feeling ashamed of her being a farmer, Tom refused to see her, saying on the phone that he was too busy to meet her.

One has millions of choices in his life, but he has no right to choose his parents and family backgrounds. Therefore, apart from good communication with our parents, we should also learn to appreciate and accept them no matter how they look like and how poor they are. And we must realize that it is our parents who really care about us in the world. Only in this way can we feel happy from the heart.

8. Like many students who like to find ways to help them pass the exams, Henry tried in vain to cheat in his physics test, and then he realized that he should study hard and concentrate on his studies.

There are two main reasons for cheating. The major reason which leads to the popularity of cheating on tests is that learners who put no efforts into their studies always desire to have good grades. Another important reason is the lack of high self-esteem. Nowadays, teenagers have many different ways of cheating, from peeping at someone else’s paper to using high-tech cheating methods such as phones and the Internet. However, cheating in exams is the same as ruining your life with drugs. It is not only foolish but dangerous. If a student constantly cheats, then it may become a bad habit in the future. He may commit a crime because of the bad habit.

When I was caught glancing at my partner’s test paper by my English teacher two years ago, I was given a good lesson and made to copy the test paper twenty times! Above all, I realize we students cheat not only our parents and teachers but also ourselves. In a word, we should be responsible for ourselves rather than take the easy way out.

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