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无敌破坏王观后感 The film revolves around the arcade game "quickly" in a big villain "invincible king of destruction" Ralph, 30 years 2.7 meters height, weight 291 kg. He not only time and again by human operation hero quickly Hugh beat, but never won a game player even the slightest impression. Tired of all this Ralph decided to turn over a new leaf, imagine the oneself also do a return evil heroes. So he secretly leave their game, through to other electronic game. On the way he met a captain from "heroic mission" and from the 90's candy racing game "sprint" sweet little girl Yun Ni. Yun Ni. is lovely,brave,cool and clever,though she is a little bit sly.But I think,this is real Yun Ni.

Eventually he changed, become a real hero.

Finally, he realized that“I am bad and that's good. I will never be good and that's not bad. Thereis no one I would rather be than me.”

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