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My GG----that’s my great-grandma—lived in Maine many years ago.When she was about eight years ago,she got a beautiful doll for Christmas.she had an exquisite,hand-painted porcelain face,and her long brown hair was pulled back with a big pink bow,Her eyes was blue as blue could be,and they opened and closed.She had a body of kidskin,and her arms and legs bent at the joints.GG played with her doll all morning long,but one day,the doll was gone forever.After that,GG’baby sister was also gone.Not only for a lost doll,and a lost sister.but for a lost time.So I have a great idea that getting GG a new doll which like the doll that got broken for Christmas.Through our efforts,we succeeded in making doll.When I held it to my Great-grandma,her tears fell,but this time they were tears of joy.What GG really recognized,perhaps,was the love that inspired the gift.And love,wherever it comes from,always looks same.

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