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NaYueGuo, is a country exists in LingNan area from 203 to 203BC, was located in PanYu (Guangzhou province), The territory included most parts of Chinese

Guangdong, Guangxi. And included a small part of the region of Fujian, Hainan, Hongkong, Macao and most of northern Vietnam. The South China Sea country’s administrator ZhaoTuo merged Guilin and Guangzhou then he set up NanYue in 203BC. In the first 196 years in NanYue, ZhaoTuo to the Western Han Dynasty

emperor Liu Bang to concede, the South Vietnamese country to become a vassal state "of the Western Han dynasty". In 112 BC, the Western Han Dynasty emperor sent troops to 100000 launched the South Yue State of war, and in 111 BC the Nanyue Kingdom perished. NanYue existed for 93 years totally. And NanYue has five generations of monarchs.

The NanYue residents mostly belonged to the tribe of BaiYue, And Hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the Central Plains. These immigrants from central China included Qin soldiers and a lot of unmarried women, as well as the forced

resettlement of prisoners, the door son-in-law, guilty of officials and businessmen. In the NanYue Kingdom period, the central Plains people and NanYue people live in harmony.

Silk Thread Jade

Silk thread jade is the clothes of the Nanyue King died in the coffin. A jade burial customs from jade can make body immortal. This one has 1.73 meters long and share 2291 pieces of jade, with silk threads and linen weave into a paste. As customs in the history, Silk thread jade was popular for more than three hundred years from the Western Han Dynasty, WenJing Di period began, the Eastern Han Dynasty jade has clearly divided into gold, silver, copper strand of three different levels, the

classification system of the Three Kingdoms period, jade was abolished. The Nanyue King silk wisp jade dress which China has seen the era of the earliest a perfect shape of jade, is also from the new variety has not been found in the literature and

archaeological finds, the jacket with a form is also a major feature. Historical records, Han dynasty Wu Di built a huge plate for dew which stands on the platform in

ChangAn in 115 BC. This idea may be related to the NanYue King’s Silk Thread Jade. Bearing plate high cup

Bearing plate high cup is put beside the NanYue King’s head and in his coffin. Bearing plate high cup composition of Jade dragon mouth, petal shaped jade bracket and copper tray those three parts. It looks like the three dragons bending together. And it made consists of gold, silver, copper, jade, wood five kinds of materials, sophisticated technology and strange shapes. During the Qin and Han Dynasties Di were very superstitious. They drunk the morning dew, ate pills and powders of jade. They believe though this way can let them live forever and never die. NanYue King Tomb unearthed a colored stones, so maybe bearing plate high cup they may be the used to hold the dew by NanYue King.

Golden dragon seal

It is so far the largest one of the Western Han Dynasty gold seal. This print was square dragon button gold seal, high 1.8 cm, length 3.1 cm, weight 148.5 grams, gold content 98%, India is grid shaped, incised "emperor for Xi" XiaoZhuan body. Seal body is very composition. Button is dragon which has long curl, tail and two split, like flying trot. Dragon head is expensive, the waist is bent, curly tails, especially the

arched dragon body's back, is conducive to the handheld, and emphasize the Dragon S tumbling posture, set functional and decorative effect in a body, the design is very delicate. This gold dragon seal after local and sharp chisel carved, unearthed the

printing surface grooves and pad around wall have touch marks and scratches, and left with dark red inkpad, apparently caused by long-term use, the gold seal is often used by the masters.





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