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Slim, slender, muscular, heavyset, handsome, pretty, average-looking, bearded, clean-shaven, unhealthy, longhaired, shorthaired, balding, obese, tanned, swarthy, infectious, creative, intelligent, funny, energetic, kind, interesting, boring, shy, serious, talkative, quiet, gentle.

What does the person look like?

He’s kind of average-looking.

Does he have a beard?

Is he tall?

What is he like?- well, he is intelligent, and he is very talented.

I want someone who shares my interest.

What kinds of books do you like to read?

体型(body built):Height(高度):tall 高的,short 矮的,medium height\build中等高度的,不高不矮的。询问身高的话可以说:How tall is sb? /How many meters is sb?

体重(Weight):overweight 过重的,fat肥胖的,略带贬义,slim苗条的,thin消瘦的,带贬义,stout 结实的, 矮胖的,robust 强壮的,lanky瘦长的,询问体重的时候可以说:How much do you weigh? /How many kilos?

面部特征(facial features):脸型(face):a baby face 娃娃脸,plump /chubby face 胖胖的脸蛋, round face 圆脸,oval face 椭圆脸瓜子脸,square face 国字脸方形脸,long face 长脸,a haggard face 瘦削的脸。

肤色/面色(complexion):pale 苍白的,暗淡的,tanned 肤色黑黝黝的。

鼻子(nose):a roman nose/ hooked nose 鹰钩鼻,sharp nose尖鼻子,straight nose挺直的鼻梁,flat/snub nose 塌鼻子,狮子鼻,wide nose 鼻子宽大。

眼睛(eye):big eyes 大眼睛,bright eyes明亮的眼睛,dark eyes 黑眼睛,dark brown eyes 深棕色的眼睛,hazel eyes淡褐色的眼睛,blue eyes 蓝眼睛, attractive eyes迷人的眼睛。

胡子:clean-shaved刮得光洁的,beards 胡须(下颚的),mustache 小胡子(唇上部),whisker 络腮胡,bristles/stubble胡须茬儿。

额头(forehead):high高的, broad宽的,round圆的,low低的,flat扁平的, narrow窄的。

发型(hairstyle):bald 秃头的,center parting 中分,curly hair 卷发,fringe 刘海,braid辫子,ponytail马尾辫,shoulder-length hair 披肩发side parting 偏分,straight hair 直发,wavy hair 波浪式卷发。

其他:high cheek bones 高高的颧骨,dimple 酒窝,pointed chin 尖下巴, square chin 宽下巴, a double chin 双下巴,freckles 雀斑,scar 疤痕,thick bushy eyebrows 浓密的眉毛,a beauty spot 美人痣。

Mr. Smile ,in his 60s ,is a man of with and . What’s special about him is that he has a pair of pretty which make him look very funny.


As to this person, he had;

a face like the moon of Mid-Autumn,面若中秋之月

a complexion( 肤色;面色) like flower at dawn,色如春晓之花

a hairline straight as knife-cut,鬓若刀裁

eyebrows that might have been painted by an artist’s brush,眉如墨画

a sharply nose, and鼻如悬胆

eyes clear as limpid (透明的)pools,晴若秋波

that even in anger seems to smile,虽怒时而似笑

and, as they glared, beamed tenderness the while. 即瞋视而有情

(The story of the Stone,Tr. By David Hawkes)


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