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air pollution water pollution noise pollution solid pollution 固体污染 thermal pollution热污染 photochemical pollution光化学污染

? France in April 1996, the Government has made a fight against urban pollution, public "harmless to the body to breathe air" right on the sacred status of programmes.

? In February 1979, five times the National People‘s Congress standing committee sixth conference(五届全 国人大常委会第六次会议) according to the state council proposal, through the 12 March, as the resolution of the Arbor Day in China.The resolution's significance is to mobilize the people of all ethnic groups in positive afforestation, speed up the construction of the motherland and green forestry pace.

? In 1981, under the sponsorship of comrade deng xiaoping, five th National People's Congress 五届人大第四次会议 passed the fourth meeting on the tree campaign for all obligations

? On March 12, 1990, telecommunications 邮电部 has launched a set four other "motherland green" stamps, first gold for "national compulsory planting trees".

? By the end of 2006 start of the songhua river basin water pollution prevention and control in the "eleventh five-year plan" plan ", make sure the whole basin pollution treatment project 222, According to the plan, the performance by the end of the project will be complete.

Harm of environmental pollution
? ? ? ? ? Desertification, 沙漠化 deforestation 森林破坏 The greenhouse effect温室效应 the acid rain酸雨 Ozone depletion臭氧层破坏

What should we do
? For the woods, we have to plant tree made forests; ? For water and electricity, we have to festival water festival electricity; ? For woods, and we don't mess cut abuse cut; ? For mineral deposits, we don't mess mining a dig; ? In regard to animals, we don't mess killa catch; ? For waste gas, we don't mess row)a put;

Environmental protection slogan
? To save water is to cherish life ? People and nature need harmonious coexistence ? In order to the happiness of children, please you cherish environment ? To protect the environment pollution environment condemned ten thousand people to praise

Protect the environment From the heart beginning Lonely heart green home

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