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Reading I

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Reading I

Teaching Aims:

1. Learn some new words.

2. According to the pictures, keywords and context speculate the main ideas.

3. Practise reading skills by learning “An earthquake”.

Step 1 Presentation

Present the new words with pictures and read them aloud.

slight shake loud fear bomb shake direction in all directions

brick come down silent not at all nervous heart beat trapped

mind calm calm down since still alive dark shout at last

daylight safe asleep after find one?s way out

Step 2 Match the words on the left with the meanings on the right.

1. Do part B1 on page 95.

2. Check the answer.

Step 3 Presentation

1. Enjoy some pictures and present ?What is earthquake??

Step 4 Listening

1. Listen to text and do part B3.

2. Check the answers.

Step 5 Reading

1. Read paragraph1 and finish the table.

At first

When it was

What he did

What he heard

How he felt

2. Read paragraph 2 and complete the passage.

The real noise was like ______ under the ground. People ran _________. Timmy tried his best to _____ to the street. Pieces of glass and bricks _____________, and then the walls began to _________, too.

Read paragraph 3 and do the following exercises.

1) Timmy _____ after the noise and shaking ended?

A. screamed B. calmed down

C. ran wildly D. cried

2) He could see __________.

A. Anything B. someone around him

C. nothing D. the bright daylight

3) He could hear _________.

A. some people screaming B. shouts from people

C. a loud noise like bombs D. It is not mentioned(涉及)

4. Read paragraph 4 and answer the following questions.

1) What did Timmy feel when he was trapped?

2) Did he shout for help?

5. Read paragraph 5 and match the sentences.

1) I was trying to find my way out ____

2) I screamed _____

3) Then I heard shouts from _____

4) They quick ______

5) At last, I saw _____

a. Help! Please help! I?m here!

b. move away the bricks.

c. the bright daylight.

d. when I suddenly heard some noise above me.

e. excited people.

Step 6 Exercises

1. Complete part B 2 on page 95.

2. Check the answers.

Step 7 Discussion

After the earthquake, Timmy has some useful ways of protecting himself in the earthquake. If you are Timmy, what good ways of protecting yourself do you know?

Step 8 Homework

1. Read aloud the article and underline the difficult parts.

2. Remember the new words in this lesson.

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