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I am not surprised for the above phenomenon because I have ever heard similar events occurred in my university. To my way of thinking, this phenomenon reflects a fact, that is contemporary college students lack of independence. Do it like this is not correct.

Since the 90s, most of the Chinese families only give birth to one child due to the national policy. As thus, all the members of family pour their love into only this child. As time passes, this child will be spoiled by elder. Such child is lazy,wilful,timid, when the child growing up, he or she must be weak in take care of oneself. They will find a lot of schoolmates lack of self-care ability just like themselves. Growth environment cause them make a decision, that is hire others to solve the problems, even though the problems are very easy to be disposed, such as hire others to clean the dormitory.

In my opinion, undergraduate are the future of China. They should be independent,brave,sapiential and self-improvement. Parents need to pay attention to educational methods, only in this way can the children grow into social elite.

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