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farther: 强调实际距离更远

further: 强调抽像上的更进一步

jump farther

further study

further information

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2011 苏州中考

Ml teaches well and often gives us a lot of help after class.

nature n. 自然; 本质

in nature

in space

in outer-space

Matt is very serious in nature.

=Naturally, Matt is very serious.

naturally adv. 自然地; 天生地

natural adj. 自然的; 天生的

natural beauty

The length of the Yellow River is 5465 kilometres.

hear sb. doing sth./do sth.

see sb. doing sth./do sth.



当出现just now, …ago, always, often/usually, 必用do

hear of/about 听说过

hear from sb.=receive a letter from sb.

We haven’t heard from him recently/lately.

can’t/couldn’t help doing : 情不自禁做某事

Ican’t help laughing when saw the stupid boy.

I can’t /couldn’t help (to) Ranran improve his English level

can’t/couldn’t (to) do : 不能有助于做某事

be supposed to do sth.


We should/are supposed to/ought to/are expected to take active actions to reduce the waste of water resource.

get married 短暂性动作

be married 延续性动作(后跟时间段)

When did the couple get married?

They have been married since 1982.

They have been married for about 30 years.

last v.持续

last for +时间段

The film’Iron Man 3’ lasts for two hours and a half.



keep/stay fit/healthy


The fruits will stay/keep fresh for 3 days in the fridge.

get/become/turn/grow 表变化的系动词




跟现在相反从句did (be 使用were 的形式)

How I wish everyone had a large/complete family!

I wish I were a boy

跟将来相反从句would/could +do

I wish I could/would become a spiderman and jump among the high buildings.

Ranran wish he could/would become a bird and fly high in the sky.

seem to do(be) 看起来去做、怎么样的表未发生动作

seem+ adj. 看起来…. 表已经发生动作


sb. seems to do sth.

=it seems that sb. will do/does sth.

find out 1. 发现、查明某人做错了某事

2. 咨询;问询

1. You should find out the one who broke the window of the classroom as soon as possible.

2. Can you find out when the train will arrive at the rail station?


forget +某事

Iforgot to buy some snacks for you.


I left the key to the door at home.

remember/forget/continue/go on/stop/regret

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