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My teacher

The long road to learn. There will always be a teacher to me with a strong help , Let me grateful .


Winnie is very young and beautiful. She has big eyes and black hair. Her smile is very nice.

我的英语老师维尼,年轻貌美,大大的眼睛,乌黑的秀发,笑起来很好看。 She paid too much for the students. When she is tired, she never complains. Although sometimes she is angry with us, she never teaches us boringly. Her classes are very good and interesting ,we love her classes and we love her .She always helps those students whose English is poor and she never gives up . Her love makes them warm and confident.


Once I had an English speech. I did not prepare for it. I felt nervous . Just then, my teacher Winnie came to me and said: take it easy, I am sure you can do it. Looking at the teacher’s eyes, Get the teacher's encouragement,I have confidence again. In the end, I got a good mark. When I stood on the stage, I saw the smile from the teacher's eyes.


A silkworm will only stop producing silk when it dies, a candle win only stop crying when it turns into ash. Teacher give us lots of knowledge. So I want to say to teachers in joy: thank you and happy teacher’s day!


Everybody is good, my name is Barry, I am in Y15E, my teacher is Winnie. I have many hobbies, such as: swimming,playing the piano,playing the checker, learn English ... ... But I like learning English the best in joy, it always so funny, so vivid .I am very happy to learn English here.

大家好,我的名字叫Barry,在Y15E学习,我的老师是Winnie。我有许多爱好,例如:游泳、弹钢琴、下围棋、学英语... ...但我最喜欢的是在佳音学习英语,它的课堂永远那么有趣,那么生动,在这里学习我非常快乐。

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