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New face in New Term

New term is coming. I want to go back to school soon. In the new term, I will do better. Because I am ten years now. I will take good care of myself when parents aren’t at home. I can cook for myself. I can wash clothes. I can help mum to clean rooms and water plants. Look, I can do much more now!

My habbits

I have some good habbits. The first is to sleep early and get up early. The second is to do exercises. The third is to clean my room and desk. With these good habbits, I can keep my body strong and health. I can keep everything tidy. I have more time to play. Good habbits make more happy.

Good manners

Every one likes good manner. Let’s always say hello, thank you and that’s all right. When you see a friend on the road, you should say hello. When you get help from others, please say thank you. When someone needs help, give him a hand and say all right. Think and do more for others. The world will be better and better.

My summer holiday

I get a lot of fun in summer holiday. I spend July in qingyuan, Guangdong. I spend August in Anyang, Henan. I play with my cousins. We climb trees, we ride bikes, we play hiding and beating. We pick up grupes, peachs from trees. We run to streetsand buy things we like. We don’t worry about our homework when we play. What a good time!

My Plant

My plant is tomota. First, I put some seeds into the soil. Roots come out some days later. After a week, you can see green leaves. They grow tall and big. It’s a beautiful plant a month later. Look, there are flower here and there! It gets fruit very soon. They’are red and circle. They are so much.

My Future Living

I believe the future world is wonderful. At that time, my future living is amazing. I have a house with reels. They can be turned around under the sun. The windows close if the rain is coming. The doors open when you tell it a number. Every room can turn big and small. Is it interesting?

My Birthday

My birthday is on the first day of July. It’s a happy day. Mum will prepare big dinner for me. Daddy will go home early and wait for me back. I get

presents from friends and relatives. We will sing birthday song after cutting cake. We will take photos too. I hope every day is birthday.

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