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Where to do? Papa(2)

1 See my daddy he ________ so cool

Life with papa is like a ________ book

Funny father _________ ________ food

__________ me everything to _______

Baby _______ you come ,my life becomes ________ You ________ me all _______ when I’m feeling blue ____________ our home in a ________ loop Everything we are going through

2 I _______ be so strong to be your papa

I learn to do _______ from the very _________ as time goes by, you___________ grow up Baby you are _________ my _________

3 _________ papa runs very_________

You are mommy’s and my superstar

You ________ why I love that ___________ jar You re the________man always in my heart Chorus 1(1,2,3):

Papa, papa, when______ we travel far?

__________ my telescope to_______ the stat Baby, baby, taking the ________ you drew Follow me_____ as I do


Papa , papa, when shall we travel ________? I won’t be afraid when sky’s ________ ________ Baby, baby, you __________ did so great You are ___________ my sweet!

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