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假如你是Sandra Hand,请以第一人称的语气,对你的姓名、家庭、喜欢的运动和食物等个人信息作一个自我介绍。70词左右。

Hello,dear friends!My name is Sandra Hand.Hand is my family name and Sandra is my first name.Four people are in my family — My parents,my sister and I.I love my family.I like sports very much.I have a great sports collection.I play tennis every day.I like fruit and vegetables,but I don’t like hamburgers or French fries,so I’m healthy.Let’s be good friends.


请以“What do I like?”为题,写一篇60词左右的英语短文,介绍一下你一日三餐喜欢吃什么,以及喜欢什么样定的运动。

What do I like?

I am a student.For breakfast,I like eggs and apples,they are nice and healthy.For lunch, I like chicken,hamburgers and salad,but I don’t like French fries,they are unhealthy.I like eating oranges and broccoli for dinner.For dessert,I like ice cream,but I don’t eat it much.About sport,I like soccer,tennis and ping-pong,I think they are very interesting.



How old are you? When is your birthday? What festival do you have at school?

When is the festival? What kind of clothes/movies do you like? When do you go to a clothes store/movie? My name is Jet.I am thirteen years old.My birthday is September seventh.I am a student.We have a School Day at school,it is on January 24th.I like nice clothes.I like shorts best.My favorite movies are documentaries and comedies.I often go to clothes stores and go to a movie with my friends on weekends.


人人需要朋友。请根据下面的提示,以“Let’s be friends”为题,把你的情况作一介绍。可适当发挥,80词左右。

When do you usually go to school? What time does your school start? What are your favorite subject?Why? Who is your best friend? Are you in a club?Why?

Let’s be friends

My name is ___________.I am a student.I usually go to school at 7:50.My school starts at 8:20 am.Math and English are my favorite subjects.They are difficult but interesting.Eric is my best Friend,he often help with my math.I am not in a club because I am very busy every day.Can I be your friend?My phone number is 566-0022.Call me,please.



Do you like movies? What kind of movies does your father/mother…like?Why?

When do you often go to movie?

Our favorite movies

My name is Robert.I like movies very much.My favorite movies are action movies and thrillers,I think they are exciting.My father likes documentaries, he can learn a lot about history.My mother likes Beijing Opera,she thinks it is great and relaxing.I have a sister Maria.She likes comedies,she thinks they are funny and interesting.M y family often go to a movie on weekends.



Dear Li Hua,

Thanks for your letter.Let me tell you about mornig.Well,I usually get up at 6:15,then I brush teeth and run.At around 7:30,I eat breakfasr at school.At around 8:00,I go to school and my school starts at 8:20.I have 4 classes in the morning. My teacher is strict and I am very tired after class.And My favorite morning is Monday,because I bave music.I like music,it’s relaxing.

Your friend,


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