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Concert Hall

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Concert Hall

Talking about a place where people listen to music, I think I would say Beijing Concert Hall. It is located at Liubukou on West Chang’an Boulevard in Xicheng District.

In 1950, the government took over the Central Cinema, renovated (更新,革新) it into Beijing’s first concert hall to promote the development of New China’s music. Now it has become a renowned (著名的) place for professional musicians from both abroad and at home.

With a modern architectural design and facilities that create superb sound effects, Beijing Concert Hall appeals to numerous visitors. As the music can overcome any language barrier, there you can enjoy any kind of music styles, including western concerts and Chinese classical music.

There is a lower platform which reduces the space between the performers and the audience. When you want to listen to music there, you can buy tickets at the concert hall or buy discount tickets sold by some people in front of the hall about 20 minutes before the events starts.

All in all, it is really a fantastic experience to listen to music at Beijing Concert Hall.

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