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六年级英语作文:Never give up

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六年级英语作文:Never give up

When I was in Grade 8, I read the book "Robinson Crusoe".

The main character is Robinson. When he was a child, he liked sailing very much. But his father didn't agree with him. Finally, when he was a young man, his father's friends wanted to take his father's boat. And he went with them. Unluckily, the boat ran up on a rock and this made a lot of sailors and passengers die but Robinson was alive! He went on a small land. There was nobody, no water or food. You could imagine that it was too hard to live. However, he put up a tent and got things from the broken boat. As the months went by, Robinson learnt to make bread by himself. Then he found some groups of sheep. They were trained and eaten by Robinson. Twenty years later, there was a boat coming from England and Robinson was saved.

The writer of this book is Daniel Defoe. Robinson was a great miracle. He achieved numerous "Impossible things". Robinson Crusoe was immortal novel, because it showed us a courageous, brave, confidence. A vanquish able nature, a hero who exploited nature.

There is no perfect life in the world. But we can change our fate. If we have confidence and work hard, we absolutely will be victorious and the most important thing is "Never give up!" I believe that nothing is impossible!

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