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1. What _____ useful dictionary it is!

A. a B. an C. the D. /

2. Mr. Green has little time today, _____?

A. have he B. hasn?t he C. does he D. doesn?t he

3. They will go to the Great Wall if it _____ tomorrow.

A. isn?t rain B. rains C. doesn?t rain D. won?t rain

4. This box is _____ heavy for me _____ carry.

A. too … to … B. to … too … C. to … to … D. too … too …

5. There _____ an English film tomorrow evening.

A. will have B. will has C. is going to have D. is going to be

6. Hurry up, _____ we?ll miss the train.

A. but B. or C. and D. so


John sent for a doctor because his wife was ill. He called the doctor and made sure they __41__ meet at five. He arrived at the doctor?s at twenty __42__ five. He thought, “ It?s a little bit earlier. I?ll wait for a moment. It?s good __43__ there on time.”

__44__ he stopped his car in front of the doctor?s. He __45__ and saw a noisy square not far from here. He went there and sat down on a chair to enjoy the last light of afternoon sun and __46__ himself quiet. He saw some children playing and some women talking to each other happily.

Suddenly he __47__ a girl crying. He came up to her and asked some questions. Then he knew she got lost. John tried to find out her __48__ and took her home. The girl?s parents were very thankful.

Then John hurried to the doctor?s. When the doctor saw him, he was very __49__ and said, “You?re late. Why did you keep me waiting for twenty minutes?” John said __50__ except one word—sorry.

41. A. should B. shall C. would D. will

42. A. past B. to C. of D. after

43. A. to arrived at B. to get C. to leave D. to ride

44. A. Every time B. From now on C. Before D. Then

45. A. looked for B. looked after C. looked at D. looked around

46. A. made B. let C . had D. felt

47. A. hears B. was hearing C. heard D. would hear

48. A. name B. school C. age D. address

49. A. polite B. angry C. happy D. kind 50 .A. something B. everything C. anything D. nothing 2012小升初英语每日一练答案解析(1)


1.A 解析:a后面跟以辅音开头的词,an跟以元音开头的词。useful是以辅音[j]开头的,应该选择

a. 注意,本类题经常考以元音字母开头但发音是辅音的词,比如说university, 字母U等。。

2.C 解析:反意疑问句构成be/助动词/情态动词+代词,而且前肯后否,前否后肯。本题中have是实



3.C 解析:题中有if引导的条件状语从句,根据主将从现原则,从句中用现在时。

4.A 解析:too---to—意思为?太—而不能---?,这是固定用法。本句意思是这个箱子太重了,我搬不


5.D 解析:本题其实考的是there be 句型,意思是?有?,只有D选项中有be.

6.B 解析:本题考查的是连词的意思,but表转折,or意思为?否则?,and表并列,so表示因此。根据



1.C 解析:本题考查情态动词用法。全文都是过去时,选项中will,shall不能用于否定句,should表示


2.B 解析:下文有?a little bit earlier?说明此时应该还不到五点,应该用to, twenty to five意思是差


3.B 解析:根据上文,本句意思应该是准时到那儿比较好。选项A,B有到达的意思。Arrive at后面


4.D 解析:本题通过分析选项的意思就可得出答案。Every time?每次?,from now on ?从今以后?,

before ?在----之前?且before只能做连词或介词,不能引导单独的句子,then ?然后?,应该选then.

5.D 解析:本题考查look常用的几个词组的意义。look for?寻找?,look after ?照顾?,look at?看?,

前三个词组后面都要加宾语。look around?往四周看?。选D最合适。

6.A 解析:make+sb+形容词,表示使某人处于某种状态。

7.C 解析:本句考查时态,表示他过去的一个状态,用一般过去时heard.

8.D 解析:后面半句说他带她回家,所以应该是他试着找出她的地址。

9.B 解析:he代的是医生,从后面说的话可以看出,对于他的迟到医生是很生气的,选angry.

10.D 解析:后面半句的是,除了一个词——对不起。说明前面意思应该是他什么都没说除了一个


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