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Volunteering means that youwork tohelp peoplewithout being paid. Thereare many differentvolunteers. They help people who really need help. There are many placeswhere you can bevolunteers.Here are just a few places for you.

Hospital---ask if you can go and visit people who are really sick. Sometimes what they need is someone to talk to, or someone to give them hope.

Orphanage ---the children living there really need someone to play with them.Food Shelter---many food shelters need people to clean up the shelters and help give out food orwater to those who need it.

Seniors’ Home ---help the elderly people clean up their homes.

Community Center ---a lot of community centers are very well run. However,some of themreallyneed extra help, especially cleaning and repairs.

As a student you can also do a lot ofthings to help others at school. Maybe youcould start asupportgroup. Here is some advice: Help students give up smoking, drinking orother bad habits. Help students who come from poor families.

Help new students get used to their school life soon.

Provide graduating students with information on future studies.

34. Volunteers don’t want to get ________ when they help others.

A. everything

B. money

C. some presents

D. a job

35.How many places are mentioned foryou to be volunteers in according to this passage?

A. Six

B. Five

C. Four

D. Three

36. The volunteers can ________ in the community center.

A. give the sick person hope

B. give out food or water to the people who need it

C. play with the children in orphanage

D. clean up the yard

37. From the passage, you know the following volunteer jobs can be done at school except _____.

A. helping students who come from poor families

B. helping the students who have bad habits

C. helping the student to copy others' homework

D. helping the students in trouble with their studies

For a long time, humans have used technology to study the world around us, and Mars is thelatestplacewe’re using machines to explore.Besides the earth, the“red planet”is seen, as theone place in

our solar system most likely to have life.Early last month,the first American robot, Spirit,landedon Mars without any problem. Opportunity,the secondrobot,landed on the planet more than aweek ago.Scientists are very excited about thesemachines’ safelanding on Mars. It means thatnow we have an excellent chance tolook forwaterand other signs of life. So far, the robots havefound some stones that couldshow Marswas onceawetand warm planet.But the trips made by Spirit andOpportunity were dangerous. Mars isoftencalledthe“death planet”,because in the past its environment has beenunfriendly to the robotexplorers.Before Spirit and Opportunity,nearly forty spaceships had been sentto Mars since the1960s.Two-thirds ofthem failed. The first spaceship, Korabl,sent in 1962 by Russia was amongthem. Itbroke apart (分裂) near the earth.

38. For a long time humans think ________.

A. they can surely find life on Mars

B. there may be life on Mars

C. it’s too late for them to explore Mars now

D. Mars is the only planet that has life on it

39. The two robots ________.

A. have found out that it is warm and wet on Mars

B. were sent to Mars to find some stones

C. were the first two American robots that landed on Mars

D. are the only machines that have landed on Mars so far

40. The third paragraph mainly tell us ________.

A. it’s a very hard and dangerous trip for spaceships to Mars

B. two-thirds of the spaceships sent to Mars have failed

C. Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars successful

D. Mars is called the“death planet”

41. From this passage we learn that ________.

A. the two robots have found water on Mars

B. Opportunity touched on Mars a week later than Spirit

C. it’s exciting to have the chance to look for signs of life on Mars

D. Korabl was the first Russian machine to land on Mars

Many children use the Internet to get useful knowledge and information, and to relax in their freetime. But some of them are not using in a good way. Here are some rules to make sure you aresafe and have fun on the Internet.

● Make rules for Internet use with your parents. For example, when you can go online, for howlong and what activities you can go online.

●Don’t give your password toanyone else, and never leak out the followinginformation---yourrealname, home address, age,school, phone number or other personal information.

● Check with your parents before giving out a credit (信用) card number.

● Never send a photo of yourself to someone in e-mail unless your parents say it’s OK.

● Check with your parents before going into a chat room. Different chat rooms have differentrules and attract different kinds of people. You and your parents must make sure it’s a right placefor you.

●Never agree to meet someone you met on the Internet without your parent’s permission (允许). Never meet anyone you met on line alone. ]

●Always remember that people online may not be who they say they are. Treat everyone online as strangers.

● If something you see or read online makes you uncomfortable, leave the site. Tell a parent orteacher right away.

●Treat other people as you’d like to be treated. Never use bad language.

●Remember—not everything you read on the Internet is true.

42. It’s good for children to ________ on the Internet.

A. give password to others

B. get useful knowledge and information

C. give out a credit card number

D. go into a chat room as they’d like to

43. The underlined phrase“leak out”in the third paragraph may mean “________.”

A. give away

B. leave out

C. give out

D. put away

44. If your parents don’t agree, never ________.

A. read anything on the Internet

B. relax in your free time

C. have a face-to face meeting with anyone you met online

D. treat other people as you’d like to be treated

45. This passage is mainly about “________”.

A. How to use Computers

B. Surfing on the Internet

C. Information on the Internet

D. Internet Safety Rules

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