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⑴ stronger ⑵ excited ⑶ pear ⑷ heavier ⑸ grapes ⑹ spring

⑺ bored ⑻ fall ⑼ ate ⑽ yellow ⑾ sang ⑿ blue

A.tired______ _______ B.taller________ _______ C.winter _____ _______

D. learned ______ ______ E.red _______ ______ F.banana _______ ______


( )1.My ruler is ________ than yours. A. long B. longer C. taller

( )2.____is your brother? He is 26 kg. He's very thin.

A. How old B. How heavy C. How tall

( )3.Zhang Peng looks very sad.Because he _______yesterday.

A. failed the English test. B. went to the zoo. C. played ping-pong with his friends.

( )4._______ your brother ________ TV last weekend?

A. Did……watched B. Does……watch C. Did……watch

( )5.Zhao Benshan is a famous(著名的)________ A. writer B. actress C. actor

( )6.What's your favourite food? A. Apples. B. Noodles. C. Yellow.

( )7.Where did you go _________ your holiday ? A.in B.at C.on

( )8.Did you go hiking _________ your friends? A.and B.with C.to

( )9.What can you do? I can _________ songs. A.sing B.singing C.sang

( )10.想知道“今天是星期几”应该说:

A.What's the weather like today? B.What's the date ? C.What day is it today?


甲:Hello, Mary. ______________________________? 乙:I went to Kunming on my holiday.

甲:___________________________? 乙:It was warm.

甲:__________________________? 乙:I went there by plane.

甲:__________________________? 乙:I saw folk dances.

甲:Did you eat any Kunming’s snack? 乙:__________________.They’re delicious.

A:How did you go there?

B:What is the weather like?

C:What was the weather like?

D:Where did you go on your holiday?

E:Yes, I did.

F:No, I didn’t.

G: What did you do there?


( going happy office likes taller friend younger weekend play collecting )

Hello,I have a good ________. Her name is Lily. She is 160cm tall. She is ______ than me. But she is only 13,and I’m 14. She is _________ than me. She ________ collecting stamps. We often _________ together. This ___________,We are______ to the post _________ to buy stamps. We like _________ stamps. We are very _________.


1. Miss Li:_________________________? Lily: I am 45kg.

2. Doctor:_________________________? Jack: My leg hurts.

3. Tom: _________________________? Jim : I went to Xinjing last weekend.

4. Liu: _________________________? Chen: I like fishing.

5. Lucy: _________________________? Lily: I feel bored.


1. has (原形 ) 2. good(比较级) 3. I(宾格) 4. big(比较级) 5 .see (过去式) 6 .their(同音词) 7.go (第三人称单数形式)

8. sit(现在分词) 9. baby(复数) 10. tall(反义词)

七、选择填空(10分) than Chengde A. big B. bigger C. biger a stamp. A. have B. has C. had is the shirt ? A. How many B. How much C. What D.How Let’s A. It, going B. It, go C. It, go a week. A. in B. on C. at D. for John to his mother. A. for B. to C. from D. on Mike from ? A. do B. are C. is D. does a play last Sunday . A. see B. sees C. saw D. seeing his homework in the evening . A. do B. does C. did D. doing A.is going to B.are going to C.are D.were

八、看问句 选答语 填序号填空(10分)

( )1.How do you fell ? A. No. there aren’t.

( )2.What colour are your pants? B. There are 15 .

( )3.How tall is zhangpeng ? C. I have a toothache.

( )4.How many ballons are there ? D. next summer holiday.

( )5.Where is the canteen? E. I fell bored .

( )6.How big are your feet ? F. It’s on the fist floor.

( )7.What did you do yesterday evening? G. I watched Tv yesterday .

( )8.What’s the matter with you ? H. He’s 160 cm tall.

( )9.Are there any books on your desk ?I. They are red.

( )10.When are you going to Being ? J I wear 17 size.


1. taller am your sister I than


2 the with what’s you matter


3.going do what are to you tomorrow


4.did what do you weekend last


5.was her birthday father’s it yesterday



1)I like (read)books every morning.

2)Where she (live)?

3)I can see many (people)in the park.

4)I (go)fishing yesterday.

5)She is two years (old)than me.

6)I _____ ______ (do) my homework .now.


Last Saturday.we went to work on a factory .we looked funny.It was 9 am When we got there.Then We helped the farmer do farm work.Some of us picked apples and the others carried the basket.We worked hard .We were tired at last .But We felt very happy.

( )1.When we got the factory at 9 a.m. last Sunday

( )2.Last Saturday we went to a factory .

( )3.We helped farmer pick apples and carry the basket .

( )4. Last Saturday we were tired ,so we felt very sad .

十二,读句子,根据生活经验判断对错,对的写T 错的写F. (12分)

(1)A rabbit is 99kg. ( )

(2)A new pencil is about 18cm long. ( )

(3)An elephant is bigger than a horse. ( )

(4)I am excited.Because I have a headache. ( )

(5)They went to Harbin on their holiday.I went skiing and skating there. ( )

(6)We usually go to school by plane. ( )



1. get up and have breakfast. 2. do my homework.

3. clean my bedroom. 4. play computer game.

5. watch TV. 6. read a story book.


1、 格式正确,条理清晰,意思明确,可增添词句。

2、 标点正确,书写工整,规范。

3、 50-60个单词左右。

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