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With the gradual development of the Now, the number of the cars is getting
larger, and the environment also increases worse! In the air around us, there are many harmful substances. science, buildings increase gradually, and water problem is becoming more and more serious. With the destruction of human beings, the blue "crystal ball” is not clear, not blue, and is dry. We should get the idea of protecting water, and increase the water protection. Start from oneself. Start from the minor matter, otherwise the last drop of water will be our tears!

Therefore, we need to take actions now . For example, we can go to school by bike or on foot. It can exercise our body. If you have time, you can climb the stairways instead of using elevators. We can not only exercise, but also protect our environment.

Do not throw garbage, because
garbage also has a "home" - the litter bin, and they have to go home. If they do not go home, their parents will be in a hurry. With garbage thrown outside, what if old people are tripped? If the banana peel, watermelon rind are thrown into the street, what if someone steps on it? So, we can not throw garbage, and they should be thrown into their “home" .

Trees give us more than just
food, timber, housing and work, but what is more important is the benefit they give to our environment. We need to protect trees by using both sides of paper, not using disposable chopsticks. If humans continue destroying trees, that is destroying our own home.

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