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满分:120分 姓名: 班级: 一.英汉互译(10分) 1.as well 4.在那边 5..给某人写信 6.不如7.做运动 8.在某方面做得好 be good at 9.以、、、、、开始 10.thanks ……二.单项选择。(30分) ( . A.beautiful B.more beautiful C.beautifully ( B than baseball. A.popularer B. more popular C. popular ( B students. A.are both B. both are C. are all

( A A.the other B. another C. other

( A. good \ well B.well \ good C.well \ well

( B )6.You sing she.

A.as good as B.as well as C. so good as ( ’A.at \ in B. at \ C. in \ in

( C )8.The story is in it.

A. interesting \ interesting B. interested \ interesting C. interested \ interesting

( A the housework on Sundays.

A.with B.to C. for

( , Chinese or Art?

A.well B.best C.better

( in the world. A.the longest rivers B. longest river C. longer river ( B )12.I have A. many \ more B. much \ more C. more \ much ( B )13.I prefer TV.

A.surf \ watch B.surfing \ watching C.surfing \ wacth ( A)14.His brother’A.his brother’s B. his brother C. his brothers’ ( A. watching B. to watch C. watch 三.改错(10分)

9.He is tall and he isn’’四.用所给词的正确形式填空。(10分) (well)than you.

3.I can write (friend) girl.

(play) table tennis. (far)in your class?

(much) as you can.

10.This kind of football (expensive) in the shop.


1.I am ten years old, she is fourteen years old.(合并成一句) 2.I sing well, she sings well too. (合并成一句)

3.He is too young, he can’t go to school. (合并成一句) (就画线的部分提问) did best in the test?

(就画线的部分提问) hair is very short? 六.补全对话(10分)

B:Yes,please. I’d like to buy a camera.

kinds of camera here. The one made in Japan looks nice ? A:It’s 3888 yuan.

Can it be a little cheaper? A:No.

though it’s expensive. Here is the money. Bey!

七.完形填空(10分) It is half past seven in the morning. Mr. Johnson is late as usual. So he doesn’t for breakfast. He the train. Mr. anything in the morning. He always at the office. “It’s nice to havethe morning, but It’s nicer to _in the bed!” ( A )1.A.at B. for C. after

( C )2.A.match B. window C. watch

( A )3.A.getting up B.going to bed C.sleeping ( B )4.A.dressed B. getting dressed C. dress ( B )5.A.has B. have C. know ( B )6.A.walking B. running C. talking

( A )7.A.doesn’t B. isn’t C .not ( A )8.A.of his B. his C.of him

( A )9.A.breakfast B. lunch C. tea

( B )10.A.do exercise B. lie C. sleeping 八.阅读理解(10分)

Mary has four cousins(表兄妹). They are Betty, Peter, Bill and Ann. Mary is the oldest of the five. Betty is thirteen years old. She is two years younger than Mary and one year older than Peter. Bill is nine, and Ann, the youngest, is seven.

Betty and Peter are good runners. But Peter runs faster. Mary and Ann like to play basketball. Mary plays better than Ann. Bill is the best singer of the five. Mary and Betty study in a middle school. Peter, Bill and Ann study in a primary school(小学). The five children all work hard at school. But Betty works hardest. ( C )1、There are _____years between Mary and Peter.

A. eight B. six C. three D. two

( A )2、Peter is _____years old.

A. twelve B. thirteen C. fifteen D. nine

( B ) 3 、 Who runs fastest of the five? A. Betty B. Peter. C. Betty and Peter. D. All the five ( B )4、Who are students? A. None(无人) of them. B. All of them. C. Mary and Betty. D. Peter Bill and Aun. ( C )5.Mary is years old. A. twelve B. thirteen C. fifteen D. nine

九.写作 (20分)

每个人都有自己的梦想,自己的梦想掌握在自己的手中。以“My dream”为题,谈谈自己你梦想。要求:60个左i右单词,语言通顺,注意语法。

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